ID Card Holders

Find the perfect ID card holders for your requirement in our extensive range. With a full collection that includes open-faced, enclosed and the new antimicrobial KROK holder, you’ll find the perfect holder to protect your photo ID cards from the wear and tear of daily use.

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Open Faced ID card holders

Affordable, versatile, sustainable. They’re the most popular choice for displaying ID.

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Enclosed ID card holders

Provides the best protection from fading, scratches and bending.

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Vinyl holders

Affordable and durable, display temporary ID and visitor passes with these transparent holders

Krok anti-microbial card holder

Kill germs. Remove touchpoints. Keep your workforce safe.

Open Faced Holders

Our most popular product, open faced ID card holders are made from biodegradable material ensuring they decompose more quickly than 100% PVC card holders. Available in a range of colours, they prevent cards bending and help display identification easily and easily attach to our range of personalised lanyards.

Single-sided card holders

A simple card holder to help you easily display one piece of identification. Made from biodegradable material, they are easily attached to a lanyard or badge reel.

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Dual-sided card holders

Carry and display two cards at once with dual-sided ID card holders. Great for those needing to carry multiple access control cards.

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What is the best ID card holder?

Finding the best badge holder can be tricky which is why our range of holders has evolved to take into account the changing requirements of businesses and workplaces. We offer a range of sustainable card holders, which when combined with other eco-conscious ID products, help to create an environmentally friendly ID issuance system.

Products such as the KROK antimicrobial card holder are also helping protect workforces in the face of COVID-19 and are a great way to reduce touchpoints and stop the spreading of harmful germs and bacteria.

The best holder is the one that meet’s your organisations requirements both short and long-term.