Digital ID Environmental Policy

Digital ID believes that every organisation can play their part in taking care of the environment including ourselves. Green initiatives are rapidly increasing in popularity, and everyone appreciates if a company is making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. We recognise the industry we are in (plastic cards) and the Green responsibility we have.

We proactively review our environmental policies and make all employees aware of this policy upon joining the business. We also make it a key priority to raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters inside and outside of the business.

We are committed to becoming a truly sustainable business and will continue to provide our customers with high quality sustainable products and services in ways that enhance the environment and help reduce their organisations carbon footprint.

Core Policy Aims

We actively work with suppliers and sub-contractors who enforce the same principles as ourselves.

Changes to this policy are driven by regular audits carried out across all areas of the business. Providing appropriate training ensures staff awareness of this policy. This policy statement is on the company intranet, in the Digital ID employee handbook and is made available to the public via our website.