ID Card Printer Ribbons

We stock an unrivalled selection of genuine ID card printer ribbons, ranging from full-colour and monochrome, all the way through to laminate films. Our range of ribbons is compatible for use with all leading ID card printer manufacturers. If you're unsure of the type of ribbon, you require then take a look at our helpful card printer ribbon guide.

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Ribbon Types Explained

Printer Ribbon FAQ's

What are the different types of printer ribbons available?

We stock the following ribbon types:

  • Full-colour (YMCKO)
  • Monochrome
  • KO Monochrome
  • Overlay or Topcoat
  • Laminate Film
  • Fluorescent or UV overlay
  • Inhibitor Panel
  • Holographic
  • Half Panel
  • Scratch Off

Are all the ribbons you stock genuine?

Yes. Every ribbon we stock is sourced directly from the manufacturer, and we pass on the savings directly to our customers.

If you have seen a ribbon cheaper online, just let us know, and we’ll price match it.

Do all ribbons print the same number of cards?

Nope. The number of prints per ribbon differs between the ribbon type you require, and the printer manufacturer.

Please note that if the number of prints per ribbon is 200, this doesn’t mean 200 prints for each type of printer. A single-sided printer will print 200 cards with this ribbon, where a dual-sided printer will only print 100 cards with this ribbon.

Do ribbons expire?

In general, car printer ribbons have a shelf life of around one year. This will vary depending on the manufacturer and ribbon type you purchase.

Please note that once a ribbon exceeds the time period stated above, it is more likely to rip or break during the printing process, which could result in further damage to the printer.

What is the best way to store ribbons?

We advise on keeping any un-opened ribbons in their original packaging and out of direct sunlight.

By only opening the ribbon before use, this protects the ribbon from dust and debris which could affect the overall quality of the card.

Can I use the same ribbon in different printers?

Yes. If the printer ribbon is compatible with a range of printers from the same manufacturer, then it can be used in multiple printers. However, if you are starting a new printing job or printing for the first time on a new printer, we advise on purchasing or using a fresh ribbon to ensure the highest quality print.

What is the best way to dispose of a ribbon?

Once a ribbon has been used, it is imperative that this is disposed of correctly.


When using a YMCKO ribbon, a trial of data is visible on the Black resin panel. This means data such as a name, job title, department, and expiry date is there for anybody to see. If the ribbon was merely placed into a standard waste bin, it is not secure, and the data is visible for all to see, more so, this ribbon could be removed from the bin, potentially causing a major security breach.

Used Printer Ribbons should be:

  1. Instantly shredded after use
  2. Securely disposed of from an approved collection service

You’ll be pleased to know we offer both.

How can I stop a ribbon from breaking?

A ribbon can break due to:

  • Not undertaking a regular cleaning cycle of the printer.
  • Trying to print full card coverage (over the edge) when you have a DTC printer. For full card coverage, you must be using a Retransfer printer.
  • Increased colour intensity within the printer settings.

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