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Sep 30 This desktop ID card printer is going to revolutionise the ID industry worldwide

HID INK1000 with cartridge

It’s not very often an ID card printer comes along that truly moves the industry on, but today we’re introducing one that does just that.

Say hello to the HID Fargo INK1000 – a card printer that changes everything.

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Sep 22 Direct-to-card ID printers | Your ultimate guide

Direct-to-card ID printer guide

Choosing an ID card printer can be difficult, particularly if you’ve never purchased one before. Despite the huge amount on offer, there are only two main types of technology: direct-to-card (aka DTC) and retransfer (aka reverse transfer).

In this guide, we’ll be dealing with direct-to-card printers. We’ll talk you through how they work, how they compare to retransfer printers, their benefits and limitations, as well as considering who they are best for.

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Card Printing FAQs Product Information

Sep 11 Retransfer ID card printer FAQs: 9 common queries answered

retransfer ID card FAQs

Deciding if you require a retransfer ID card printer rather than a direct-to-card printer is the most important point for consideration before you purchase a card printing machine.

We’ve taken some of the most common queries we get from customers considering upgrading from a direct-to-card machine and put them all in one place.

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