EasyBadge 2.0 ID Badge Printer Bundle

EasyBadge 2.0 is the ID badge printing solution that’s reliable, affordable and easy to use.

It removes common problems often encountered when printing ID badges and saves you valuable time.

  • Suitable for all applications
  • Eco-friendly products. Biodegradable cards and we'll plant a tree for every ribbon bought
  • Everything you need in one box
  • Prints to all kinds of plastic cards including access cards

EasyBadge 2.0 Plastic ID Card Printer

Small, compact and easy to use. The printer won’t look out of place in any workplace environment and won’t cause any distraction whilst in use.

  • Quick: Prints a full colour ID card in 23 seconds
  • Reliable: Unrivalled 5 year warranty
  • Secure: Watermark and Secure UV printing
  • Convenient: Input and output hoppers allows you to batch print

100 Biodegradable Blank Plastic Cards and a 100 Print Colour Ribbon

Achieve stunning print results with a 100-print full colour ribbon and 100 premium blank plastic cards.

  • Full colour ribbon
  • Premium finish plastic cards
  • Cleaning roller included with ribbon

EasyBadge LITE Card Software

Stress-free software with the help of a support wizard. We don’t believe in complicated designs or a non-friendly dashboard.

  • Built in support 24/7
  • Easy to use
  • Follow the step by step processes to create a professional card

FREE Download of the EasyBadge Mobile App

Take pictures when and where you want with your mobile or tablet device. No queues. No disruption. No need for expensive equipment.

  • Take photos from anywhere in the world
  • Edit records and send them straight to print
  • Available on iPhone and Android devices

Make Designing an ID Card Simple with the EasyBadge Set-up Wizard

EasyBadge software makes designing and editing ID badges straightforward. Click on the kind of badge that you wish to print, and you’ll be guided through the process stress-free. No complicated design software or user interface. Printed ID badges are just a few clicks away.


What kind of card do you want to print?

Select from popular card types.


EasyBadge suggests popular options based on the type of card needed.


What information do you want printed on the card?

Choose a maximum of four to keep the design clutter free.


How do you want your cards to look?

Pick from one of three built-in templates or design a card from scratch.

Cure Your Photography Headache with the Free EasyBadge App

Take pictures when and where you want with any mobile device or tablet.

Reduces queues and disruption for staff.

No need for expensive cameras and lighting equipment.

We’ll Plant a Tree for
Every Ribbon You Buy

Play your part in helping our world: Working closely with the OneTreePlanted scheme, we’re planting a tree into our region for every EasyBadge printer we sell. We want to create a more sustainable future and believe every organisation can help play their part, including ourselves.

‘I Couldn’t Believe How Easy
It Was to Design A Card’

Chalm Software

Chalm Software was concerned that their existing ID badges were at risk of being cloned. EasyBadge helped them create a new, more secure card in a matter of minutes.

“EasyBadge hasn’t only helped us stay secure, but saved us money too. We didn’t need to purchase expensive photography equipment to capture staff images because it can all be done remotely through the EasyBadge app and cloud.”

Tim Shaper

Chalm Software

Card Security at No Extra Cost

Increase card security for no additional cost. A transparent overlay panel can be customised to include text, pictures and logos of your choosing. This overlay makes cards more difficult to clone, meaning any fake cards can be quickly identified.

Built-In Support 24/7

Unlike other card software on the market, EasyBadge comes complete with a built-in support wizard on hand 24/7. If you encounter a problem, ask the wizard a question or search the built-in FAQ to find your answer. If you’re still unsure or want to save time, click “Do it” and the wizard will complete the task for you.

Five years of stress-free printing

Five Year Manufacturer Warranty

Sit back and enjoy a stress-free ID printing experience thanks to a 5-year manufacturer warranty cover on every printer, plus 3-years warranty on the printhead. This warranty covers parts and labour, and is 2 years more coverage than any other manufacturer!

EasyBadge 2.0 ID Card Bundle

  • EasyBadge 2.0 Printer
  • EasyBadge LITE ID Card Software
  • EasyBadge App
  • 100 print colour ribbon
  • 100 biodegradable white blank plastic cards

£695.00 ex. VAT

Please note that EasyBadge is not Mac compatible.