Proof of ID / Accreditations

Supported by MyTAG, our proof of Identity solution is a secure ID card system which cannot be copied or cloned. The patented technology brings photo ID cards and security into the modern age, helping to protect people and property.

How does it work?

Photo ID Card Issued

Each ID card issued contains a trusted tag that cannot be cloned or copied.

Card Check

To check the card is valid and genuine, tap or present the card against a mobile phone or NFC enabled device.

Card Validation

When the card is tapped, the device receives a URL with a unique code from the tag, which confirms the cards authenticity.


MyTAG provides instant notification to confirm a real card has been presented. This functionality prevents a URL from being used multiple times and also makes the tag impossible to clone.

Why use proof of ID?

Increased Security

ID Cards cannot be cloned or copied

Save Time

Results are instant and, on the spot, reducing checking time

Save Money

Reduce the need for supplies to reissue cards

Reduce Plastic

Reduce the number of cards issued

Patent Technology

Trusted NFC technology patent protected

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