At Digital ID, we love design and our latest infographic looks at well-known brands who opted for a change to their logo

A new business logo can go 1 of 2 ways it can give your company a new lease of life, drive new sales and improve visibility or it can do the opposite and potentially create you a lot of negative PR. In the last 12 months alone there have been some significant changes by some well-known brands but rather then focus on the reason for change we went 1 step further and actually asked the general public how many they had noticed and what impact this had on them towards the brand.

We had great fun completing our survey and below you will see the 15 featured businesses. We have also listed in order highest to lowest the % of people who didn't notice a change to the logo so look away now if you were part of the logo overhaul for Electrolux.

We hope this gives you a good insight towards changing your logo and before you start ask yourself will all that resource, time and investment needed help you achieve your business goals for 2016? Dont forget that here at Digital ID we have a full in-house design team and specialise in custom printed cards and lanyards for your business needs.