As the UK's leading supplier of Lanyards, our product range is ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. We design, print and supply thousands of lanyards each month, ranging from plain lanyards, pre-printed lanyards and personalised lanyards. All of our Lanyards can be easily attached to ID card holders, allowing the user to display a photo ID card easily. Whether you need to identify staff, visitors & contractors on-site, or promoting a conference, event or festival, we can help.


We’re the UK’s largest supplier of lanyards

Want proof? Well, since 2015 we have sold:

5.7 million

Personalised lanyards

14.1 million

Plain & pre-printed lanyards


Lanyards on average per working day

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Not only are our pre-printed neck lanyards cost-effective, but they’re also a great tool to quickly identify different groups of people in and around your business premises.

Red Pre-Printed staff lanyard with plastic J-clip and safety breakaway
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Plain / Stock

Plain or “stock lanyards” as they are also referred to are available in ten colours and come complete with either a plastic J-clip or a metal lobster clip.

Plain red lanyard with metal J-clip and safety breakaway
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Personalised lanyards are our top seller out of the three options. They’re made from a highly durable soft material which avoids any discomfort for the wearer.

Ford personalised lanyard with plastic J-clip and safety breakaway

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard or neck strap is a cord or strap which is made from a durable polyester or rPET material and is traditionally worn around the neck to carry photo identification or an access control card. The standard size of a lanyard is 90cm with a drop size of 45cm.

Safety Breakaway

All of our stock items come complete with an easily detachable safety breakaway which is located at the back of the lanyard in position with the back of the user’s neck.

Strap Material

On our quest to becoming a truly sustainable business, our range of Lanyards is now made up of both rPET (recycled plastic bottles) and standard Polyester material. Learn More


Choose from 5 different clip types. A popular choice is the metal trigger clip as ID card holders, key rings, and USB sticks can be easily attached. Learn More

Blank or Printed Cards

The primary use of these products is to display photo ID & access control cards but can also accommodate for larger card sizes such as festival and conference passes. If you need to order cards, why not use our ID card printing service.

Meet Nick our lanyards expert

In this short video, our in-house expert Nick, is going to explain in more detail the three types of neck straps you can buy from Digital ID.

Print Finishes and Materials

Browse the 5 different options below, and pick the best material, and finish for your needs.

Standard Polyester

(Plain & Pre-printed Only)

Our plain and pre-printed range are made from a durable polyester material that offers the user both flexibility and comfort.

Screen Print & Polyester

(Personalised Only)

Made using the same polyester material as our plain range, the only difference here is the ink is screen printed onto the surface of the material, therefore giving a slightly raised printing effect.

Dye Sub & Polyester

(Personalised Only)

A popular choice for conferences and networking events our dye sub lanyards. They use a smoother and silky type of polyester material, which helps to give a more professional look and feel.

Dye Sub & rPET

(Personalised Only)

Our eco-friendly offering, rPET material is made from recycled plastic bottles while ensuring the same high-quality finish.

Woven & Polyester

(Plain & Pre-printed Only)

Woven lanyards are made using a more durable polyester material and are restricted to 1 colour only. A logo or text can only be printed on one side of the material.

Choosing the Right Clip

We offer 5 variants of clips that can be added to the bottom of the lanyard. Each clip type has their own benefits, so take a closer look and see what each one has to offer.

Metal J-Clip

Available on Personalised

These are primarily used to attach a badge reel or key reel to a lanyard. This is our standard clip for personalised lanyards, and is also the lowest price option within the range.

Metal Lobster Clip

Available on Personalised, Plain and Pre-printed

The metal lobster clip is available on every product within our current range and is primarily used to securely hold an ID card holder.

Trigger Clip

Only Available on Personalised

Trigger clips are a popular choice for conference, festival and event lanyards as the user can easily remove a pass or card using the clip.

Plastic J-Clip

Available on Personalised, Plain and Pre-printed

Plastic J-clips have the same functionality as our metal J-clips but are seen as a safer option for the user, especially within the education sector.

Card Reel

Available on Personalised and Plain

Card reels are a popular choice for users who are primarily using a lanyard for access control purposes. The holder, or card can be easily attached to the reel, and will extend meaning better functionality.

Understanding the Dimensions

Do you know the standard drop size of a lanyard, or the widths that are available? In this section, we show you the dimensions available for our personalised, plain, and pre-printed ranges.

What is the drop?

This is the length of the lanyard from the back of the neck to the clip.

All lanyards within our range have a standard adult drop size of 45 cm.

Personalised lanyards widths

Widths available - 10mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25mm

10mm 10mm wide lanyard
15mm 15mm wide lanyard
20mm 20mm wide lanyard
25mm 25mm wide lanyard

Plain lanyards widths

Widths available - 10mm and 15mm

10mm 10mm wide lanyard
15mm 15mm wide lanyard

Pre-printed lanyards widths

Widths available - 15mm

15mm 15mm wide lanyard

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Lanyard?

The main two benefits of wearing a lanyard is security and branding. A user wearing a lanyard can be easily identified within the building, and having your company colours and logo visible also deems your organisation to be more professional.

7 pre-printed lanyards in various colours complete with plastic j-clip

Easily identify people in your place of work

Distinguish between staff, visitors and contractors

H&M personalised black lanyard with metal lobster clip and black safety breakaway

Personalise with branding

Follow company guidelines by matching colours precisely

Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions when it comes to Lanyards.

What is The Average Price Per Lanyard?

Plain lanyards are sold in packs of 100 and start at £21.99, so an individual price of around 22p per lanyard.

Pre-printed lanyards start at £29.95 per pack with an individual unit price of 29p per lanyard.

The average price of personalised lanyards varies depending on each customer’s needs. We also offer a Life Saver service on this range, meaning your lanyards can be with you within three days of artwork approval.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity?

Our plain and pre-printed range of lanyards are only sold in packs of 100. The minimum order quantity for bespoke printed lanyards is also 100 units.

Is There A Legal Liability to Have A Safety Breakaway on My Lanyards?

The short answer is no, however all of our plain and pre-printed lanyards come complete with a safety breakaway. If you’re opting for a custom printed lanyard then you have the choice of adding a single, double or triple safety breakaway, depending on your requirements.

How Many Colours Can You Add To A Lanyard?

Generally speaking, our plain and pre-printed lanyards come in one solid colour. If opting for a personalised lanyard, then our satin polyester & dye-sub range allows you to add as many as conceivable. For screen-print and woven options, we advise on opting for a maximum of 4-5 colours.

Can I Get A Sample Before Ordering?

Of course, we can get a sample pack out to you next working day if requested before 2pm. Once arrived, our team will give you a quick call and answer any questions you may have.

How Quickly Can My Lanyards Be Delivered?

If you need them in a hurry we offer same day, and next working day delivery on all stock items, which includes our range of plain and pre-printed Lanyards, if ordered before 2pm. For our personalised lanyards, we offer a three, five and ten day Life Saver service, upon approval of artwork.

Do you Have an Eco-Friendly Option?

Yes, we do. Our Dye-Sub and rPET option is available on personalised lanyard orders only. The rPET material is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Can I Recycle Lanyards at the End of Life?

Yes. Lanyards should be separated into separate components such as fabric, metal and plastic, and then recycled using the correct scheme.

Are you BSCI Compliant?

Yes, we are a BSCI accredited supplier.

Customer Reviews

With over 20,000 happy customers, over 500 independent 5* reviews, and a price match promise, it’s easy to see why we’re the UK’s number 1 supplier of lanyards. Here are some of our latest customer reviews below.


“Very quick delivery and very good prices”

“I work for a large educational institution (around 10,000 students) and we use Digital ID all the time for the purchase of our staff, student and visitor lanyards. On a previous order, we'd ran out of student lanyards and the person that ordered was off. I phoned them up and they sent a courier across to us within an hour of so with our replacement stock. So as they are winners on price, service and delivery, I don’t need to go anywhere else.”


“Great service and quality products”

“I have been ordering badge accessories from Digital ID for many years and found them to be most helpful. Quality of products, price and service is second to none. Most recently at our Annual Conference we ran out of lanyards and I had to order an emergency batch from Digital ID through my main contact Michael Nash. Life saver! The boxes of lanyards arrived next day before 10am for which I thank Michael and Digital ID.”


“Great all round service”

Digital ID are our main suppliers for schools lanyards and staff ID cards. Customer sales and service has always been thorough and excellent, as well as their Digital team. Communication is very good. Our sales contact Lawson and designer Marcin are very good. Would definitely recommend.


“Fast Service, good quality”

“Our lanyards and card holders arrived next day. They are good quality and the colours are an exact match. Couldn't ask for more!”