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New year, New ID card printer: Is 2020 the year to upgrade? | Digital ID
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New year, New ID card printer: Is 2020 the year to upgrade?

IDP Smart 51 Secure GDPR ID card printer

Have you made any card-printing resolutions for 2020? Even if you clean your printer as regularly as required and purchase the correct consumables, the truth is that sometimes it’s not you that’s the problem… it’s the printer.

The lifespan of an ID card printer will depend on quite a few things including:

  • How many ID cards you print
  • How well your ID card printer has been maintained
  • The age of your ID card printer

Since we’ve just welcomed in a new decade it’s a good an opportunity as any to give you a glimpse at some of the best ID card printers if you’re considering an upgrade soon. These products have been chosen with sustainability, data compliance and performance in mind.

They will future-proof your business or organisation for years. So, let’s have a look at three of the best ID card printers for 2020.

1. Magicard 600

The Magicard 600 is one of the newest direct-to-card printers on the market and offers a great combination of high-resolution printing and impressive printing speeds. Being a Magicard means it offers extra security: they all come with HoloKote as standard. This prints a transparent image into the overcoat panel, resulting in a secure watermark that can only be seen under special UV lights. If you require further security, you can add the optional HoloPatch – a highly-visible gold foil square.

The 600 also benefits from a function that scrambles sensitive information. This means it’s impossible for the Magicard 600 to cause a data breach; an important consideration for many organisations as data protection becomes a top priority. It’s covered by a three-year manufacturer warranty and, with these numerous security options, it’ll still be ahead of the game in 2023. The best bit? A special offer currently means all Magicard 600s will come with a dual-sided printing add-on. The option, which usually costs buyers extra, will be automatically added to your order. This will give you more flexibility should your needs change over the coming year.

2. IDP Smart 51 Secure GDPR

IDP Smart 51 Secure GDPR ID card printer
The IDP Smart 51 is already a capable printer. It can print monochrome and full-colour cards. It’s available with various encoding options. It’s one of the simplest ID card printers to use and operate. A 10% increase in printing speed compared to its predecessor makes it a good choice for high-volume needs. Based on a seven-hour working day, you’ll be able to produce approximately 5,000 monochrome cards or 1,475 full-colour cards. So, how do you improve what is already a very sound machine?

IDP Smart 51 Secure GDPR lock

By making it more secure of course! For an additional £95, you can currently upgrade to the IDP Smart 51 Secure GDRP. This adds several security features that aren’t currently found on the majority of other printers. For example, it’s got a lockable top lid. It’s a simple modification, but it makes all the difference.

If a printer is being used in an environment where stopping unauthorised people accessing cards and printer ribbons is paramount. Ribbons contain sensitive data and the 51 secure GDPR reduces the risk of a data breach significantly. It also comes with a secure Kensington Lock which ensures the machine itself can’t go on a walkabout with a light-handed thief too.

3. Matica XID8300

The Matica XID 8300

Want a better the quality of your ID cards in 2020? The Matica range of retransfer printers is up to the job. Rather than direct-to-card machines – that all leave a small white border around a card – the XID8300 provides excellent over-the-edge covering, resulting in a classy looking card. It’s a reliable, capable machine that can print on all sorts of card materials including PVC, ABS, hybrid cards and polycarbonate too. Capable of printing up to 120 cards per hour, it remains compact but features an extremely solid base, ensuring all prints are as precise as possible.

Other options include in-line lamination, a dual-sided printing add-on and a host of magnetic chip and encoding options. Because it’s a modular unit, it’s extremely simple to upgrade down the line too, should the needs of your business or organisation change.

Is your ID card printer ready for 2020?

You can find information on all the ID card printers here.

Alternatively, if you simply want to ensure your current printer is up to scratch for the coming year, we supply a full range of consumables, ID cards and printer cleaning kits on our site too.

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