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Apr 26 MagiCover vs MagiCover Plus: Magicard Printer Warranty Comparison

magicover warranty vs magicoverplus warranty. magicard printer warranty comparison

All Magicard printers sold by Digital ID are covered by either the MagiCover Limited or MagiCover Plus (also known as MagiCover+) warranty. But what exactly do these warranties include?

In this post, we’re sharing the difference between the MagiCover and MagiCover Plus warranties, and what exactly is covered under each. Let’s begin.

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Fargo Magicard Product Comparison

Nov 30 Fargo HDP5000 VS Magicard Ultima | Retransfer Card Printers Compared

Head to Head Fargo HDP5000 vs Magicard Ultima

In our latest comparison, we take a deep dive comparison between our two most popular retransfer printers. We’re talking about the Fargo HDP5000 and the Magicard Ultima.

As a trusted seller of both these ID card printer models, we’re here to provide a comparison between two of the most popular retransfer printers on the market, which should help you make the right decision when it comes to your ID card printing needs.

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Oct 6 What is HoloKote®? | A look at Magicard’s unique security feature

What is Magicard HoloKote and how does it work

If you’re considering an ID card machine, you may have noticed Magicard printers feature something called HoloKote®.

It’s a security feature that’s unique to the brand and sets its printers apart from the crowd. In this blog, we’ll look at what it is, which printers have it along with the benefits of using it.

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