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The Benefits of Switching to Mobile Access Control

benefits of mobile access control

Access control is evolving.

The pandemic has completely altered the requirements of the modern workplace. As a result, physical access control systems such as contactless cards and key fobs have become increasingly less efficient in providing secure access.

It has thus become essential for organisations to adapt their approaches to meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce.

The solution? Mobile access control.

The main benefits of mobile access control

The main benefits of mobile access control are:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Remote access management
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable
  • Contact-free

1. Security

Due to increasing vulnerabilities, outdated access control systems are becoming much less secure. Impersonators can easily clone access control cards with technology readily available online, and physical cards are also susceptible to global chip shortages.

Mobile access control is the modern-day solution to your security concerns. Encrypted technology ensures mobile credentials are unclonable. There are also no risks of shortages as mobile credentials are provided entirely digitally. With several further security benefits mentioned in our mobile access guide, it’s clear to see that mobile access control systems enforce class-leading security measures.

2. Convenience

Mobile access control makes life easy. Almost every adult carries their smartphone or equivalent mobile device with them when entering the workplace. Mobile access simplifies access by allowing staff to easily use the device they are already carrying to access the building, instead of having to remember a separate key card or key fob.

You may already be using Apple or Google Pay as your preferred payment method, and mobile access control is simply the latest addition to your digital wallet. Tap your phone to pay for your morning coffee and then Twist & Go to enter your workplace. With added convenience and complete ease of use, mobile access control is proven to enhance the user experience.

benefits of switching to mobile access control

3. Remote access management

Administrators can instantly manage access permissions via the secure management portal. The cloud server allows security managers to remotely grant, disable and revoke access, ensuring licences can be centrally managed from anywhere.

For organisations with several sites, this means administrators can manage all buildings’ access permissions at once. As a result, visitor management and flexible working patterns couldn’t be easier.

4. Cost-effective

Say goodbye to expensive reissuance costs. Replacing lost or fading access control cards is no longer an issue, as mobile access credentials are sent straight to your device.

Switching to mobile access control also eliminates additional costs, including those of expensive printers, ribbons and supporting items such as lanyards and card holders. The low costs of mobile access ensure the modern system is the most cost-effective of all the different access systems on offer.

5. Sustainable

As mobile credentials are provided digitally, physical access cards are not necessary. This results in less plastic usage, therefore less waste produced.

Ultimately, switching to mobile access control reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint. With sustainability now more crucial than ever for many organisations (including ours), switching to a mobile access solution will help reach those all-important targets.

6. Contact-free

Employers and employees alike now look for touch-free solutions to reduce the spreading of germs.

Mobile access systems fulfil this as users only need their personal mobile devices to access the building. This eliminates worries about spreading germs and viruses through shared surfaces.

mobile access control benefits

It’s clear to see that there are numerous product-led benefits of implementing a mobile access system. However, there are a few extras that we think you’d love to know.

Further benefits of switching to a mobile access control system

  • Prepare for the integration to the digital future
  • Add more hours to your week
  • Position your organisation as an industry leader
  • Maintain staff retention
  • Attract top-tier talent

Prepare for the integration to the digital future

Modern smartphones, smartwatches, smart devices – these products didn’t exist until a couple of decades ago. And the digital revolution has kept its momentum. With an increasing number of products going digital, it’s only a matter of time before most aspects of our day-to-day lives become digitally focussed.

And now that mobile access is forecast to be one of the top access control trends for 2022, upgrading to a mobile access system ensures your company’s full integration into the anticipated digital future.

Add more hours to your week

Administrators spend between 4 – 12 hours a week dealing with card issues, such as staff forgetting cards at home. Switching to a mobile access system will significantly reduce this figure as staff are much less likely to forget their mobile phones at home.

And if they do, or if any other access concerns arise, administrators can instantly manage access via the management dashboard. All that saved time can be spent doing the things that matter, like getting results. After all, time is money.

Position your organisation as an industry leader

Mobile access control launches your company to the forefront of the digital world. Deploying a mobile access control system positions your organisation ahead of the curve and lets others know you’re up to date with all the latest trends. This allows you to instantly become a leader and stand out from your competitors.

mobile access control

Maintain staff retention

High staff turnovers lead to a loss in overall productivity, making staff retention a key priority for many businesses.

Many staff members have previously complained that cards and lanyards remind them of a student-style experience. Mobile access control is therefore a sleek upgrade for staff, allowing them to feel their employer values them. This improved user experience also lets staff know enhancing their experience is a priority for their employer.

Attract top-tier talent

Switching to a mobile access system demonstrates that your organisation is much more advanced than its competitors, positioning it as the place to be. Potential staff, students and clients will also be able to see that your company is quick to keep up with the latest trends, attracting likeminded, forward-thinking individuals.

Future-proof your access system today

Mobile access control is the sure-fire way to optimise user experience, enhance security management and improve environmental consciousness.

With several clear benefits of mobile access control, switching to the modern access control technology is an unmatched way of launching your organisation into the mobile-first world. It’s no surprise that more companies are making the switch to mobile access control systems than ever before.

Don’t get left behind. Give your access system the hard reset it needs and upgrade to mobile access control today. Your workplace access and future just might depend on it.

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