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What is HID Mobile Access? Here’s What You Need to Know

what is HID mobile access

HID Mobile Access® has taken the world of access control by storm.

The technology is witnessing enormous growth in the industry, with thousands of companies having already ‘gone mobile’. The solution is quickly becoming a fan’s favourite, but there’s one question on everybody’s lips: what exactly is it all about? And more importantly, is it worth the fuss?

In this blog post, we’re breaking down HID Mobile Access and sharing everything you need to know. We’re looking at what it is, how it works and what exactly the innovative smartphone door entry system can do for you. Let’s begin.

What is HID Mobile Access?

HID Mobile Access is the next-generation technology that allows you to unlock doors with your mobile device.

Created by leading provider HID Global, the solution essentially transforms your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch into a key, granting secure, easy access to the building.

In 2022, most adults carry their smartphones with them at all times. HID Mobile Access, therefore, becomes an extension of your digital wallet, providing each user with logical and physical access.

Using HID’s unique Seos® as the underlying credential technology, HID Mobile Access is a modern, secure, and trusted way to deliver quality access control to all.

What are mobile credentials?

Mobile credentials are the data that confirm a user’s identity. These credentials are stored on a user’s mobile device and are individual to each person. What’s more, credentials are encrypted, ensuring the user’s identity is protected.

For instance, when a user places their device near a compatible reader, these mobile credentials communicate with the reader to grant access.

HID Mobile Access

How does HID Mobile Access work?

First, a user is granted credentials. Once they have received credentials, users simply place their Android or iOS smart device close to a mobile-compatible reader using one of two methods: the traditional close range ‘tap’ mode or HID’s patented ‘Twist and Go’ feature.

With the Twist and Go method, users make a ‘twisting’ gesture with their mobile devices, similar to opening a doorknob, when in proximity of mobile-enabled readers.

The device and reader then communicate credentials, and access is granted.

Note: if an individual is using a wearable such as a smartwatch, they can use the widget to unlock doors.

How is access managed?

Administrators can easily manage access permissions via the robust HID Origo™ management portal. The HID Mobile Access portal is entirely remote and works via a reliable cloud platform. This ensures a security administrator can manage permissions at all times, from anywhere.

Administrators can instantly grant, restrict, and revoke credentials from the portal. This is especially useful if a device is lost or stolen.

Similarly, if a user switches devices, an administrator can easily remove credentials from one device and grant new credentials to another.

What’s more, the HID Mobile Access portal requires no physical encoding, card printing or returns. Therefore, organisations can save time and money that can be spent dealing with more important tasks.

Is HID Mobile Access secure?

Yes. HID Mobile Access uses encrypted technology to provide secure, efficient access to your building.

The solution is much safer than access cards and other legacy technologies, as it contains advanced, class-leading security measures.

HID’s mobile access control solution negates the several risks of using outdated access control systems and positions itself as one of the most secure access methods available today.

HID Mobile Access

How does a user set up HID Mobile Access on their mobile device?

A security administrator will first send the end-user an invitation email. This email will include an invitation to download the HID Mobile Access app, along with a code.

Once the app installation process is complete, the user must enter their code into the app. The device is then set up to receive access credentials, and individuals can use their own mobile phone or smart device to access doors.

Note: HID Mobile Access is compatible with most mobile device operating systems. To see if the technology will work with your phone, check out the list of compatible devices here.

Why do I need to know about HID Mobile Access?

Technology is evolving rapidly, and in many areas, is replacing physical cards and other physical assets. From bank cards to train tickets to mobile IDs, more and more products are becoming digital and accessible with mobile technology.

Therefore, mobile access control is the next step in migrating to a digital wallet, with your go-to mobile device integrating access capabilities.

By joining the trend early and enabling HID Mobile Access on your site, you create a more secure, sustainable and smart environment. You’ll also improve user convenience and strengthen operational efficiency, thanks to the cloud-based management portal.

Let’s Recap

HID’s mobile access solution upgrades physical on-site security and improves user convenience.

Secure mobile IDs and digital verification methods have become increasingly common in recent years, and are anticipated to become even more so. Therefore, implementing HID’s mobile access solution allows your organisation to meet the demands of today’s mobile-first world.

Technology waits for no one; don’t get left behind.

Speak to a member of our expert team on 0800 988 2095 or at to find out how HID Mobile Access can launch your business into the mobile-first world and future-proof your site today.

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