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Oct 6 What is HoloKote®? | A look at Magicard’s unique security feature

What is Magicard HoloKote and how does it work

If you’re considering an ID card machine, you may have noticed Magicard printers feature something called HoloKote®.

It’s a security feature that’s unique to the brand and sets its printers apart from the crowd. In this blog, we’ll look at what it is, which printers have it along with the benefits of using it.

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Aug 29 How to correctly change the Fargo 84051 ribbon and 84053 retransfer film

Fargo ribbon and retransfer film

The Fargo 84051 YMCK colour ribbon is a go-to choice for those wanting to create high-quality and long-lasting cards with the Fargo HDP5000 retransfer card printer.

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Aug 22 How to correctly change the IDP Smart 659366 YMCKO printer ribbon

IDP Smart ribbon change

The IDP Smart 659366 printer ribbon is essential for creating high-quality full-colour cards with the IDP Smart 31 and  IDP Smart 51 ID card printers.

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