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What is the Best ID Card Software? | Compare & Order Online

whats the best id card software

Are you looking for the best ID card software that allows you to create, edit and print cards using an ID card printer?

Then this is the blog post for you.

These days they are much more than just design software though. Softwares also allow you to store cardholder details on an internal database and encode access control cards, too.

Which ID card software is best? We’ve taken a look at the various ID card software options and decided which is best.

1. EasyBadge

EasyBadge is considered to be the best ID card software by many – including us. It’s a simple, reliable and affordable program which has become popular because:

  • It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive in its design
  • It features a 24/7 built-in support feature
  • The card creator wizard makes ID card design simple
  • The EasyBadge App takes the hassle out of photo capture and data transfer
  • It is compatible with all 2022 ID card printers

It is available in several variations that cater to a wide spectrum of businesses.

EasyBadge Lite

EasyBadge Lite is the entry-level EasyBadge software option and allows users to record up to 100 cards on its database – perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It can produce staff ID cards, visitor ID cards, student ID cards, loyalty cards, discount cards and membership cards with ease.

£195.00 ex. VAT

£234.00 inc. VAT


EasyBadge Professional

Compared to Lite, EasyBadge Professional allows you to store an unlimited amount of records across an unlimited number of databases, making it the ideal choice for larger businesses and organisations.

£395.00 ex. VAT

£474.00 inc. VAT


EasyBadge Smart

The Smart package allows you to encode access control cards such as contactless MIFARE products.

£595.00 ex. VAT

£714.00 inc. VAT


EasyBadge Bureau

The EasyBadge Bureau can be considered a bespoke solution that adds a client dashboard.

Free EasyBadge App

EasyBadge app

Whichever version suits your needs best, you also gain access to the free EasyBadge app that can streamline your ID issuance system further. It allows you to create new records remotely, capture photos, sync data and amend database records on the go.

EasyBadge is a simple, reliable and affordable ID card software program, and gets our vote as the best in the business.

2. CardExchange ProducerCard Exchange producer

CardExchange Producer is another excellent choice that makes badge printing as easy as possible. There are several versions on offer, similar to EasyBadge’s range. Entry-level Go edition allows you to design ID cards with a step-by-step wizard, although you are limited to save a maximum of five card designs.

If you wish to export the data for use in other locations, you’ll need the go-to Professional Edition. This will allow you to connect to MS databases increasing flexibility. However, there’s also CardExchange Producer Premium to consider. This allows you to save an unlimited number of card designs and print various sizes of cards; ideal for larger organisations and high-volume printing requirements.

For those needing full encoding capability, CardExchange Producer Professional Edition is the best solution. As well as the ability to encode access control cards such as MIFARE, its interface is customisable too, while it features an auto-crop face recognition for printing highly accurate photographic identification.

£499.00 ex. VAT

£598.80inc. VAT


3. BadgemakerBadgemaker Start

Badgemaker is another EasyBadge alternative and allows companies to effectively issue ID cards and manage data. The range starts with Badgemaker Start software that features three card designs, while its database can hold up to 201 records.

Opting for the more advanced Badgemaker Base will give you unlimited card designs, unlimited database storage along with a number of add-on options should you so wish. These add-ons include ‘Connect’, ‘Encode’ and ‘Share’.

£365.00 ex. VAT

£438.00 inc. VAT


Direct from the printer manufacturers…

ID card printner manufacturers offer programs that are optimised to work with their respective printers. They are also compatible with other printer makes too, but before choosing one of the below, make sure it will work with your printer.

4. Magicard TrustID V4

TrustID V4 is the latest software that has been created in partnership with Magicard. It aims to make ID card production as easy as possible. TrustID focuses on offering intuitive card design, easy database integration and effortless printing.

While it is compatible with other brands, we’d only really recommend this software if you’re using a Magicard ID card printer.

£139.95 ex. VAT

£167.94 inc. VAT


5. Datacard ID Works

Datacard ID works is a sophisticated identification card software that works seamlessly with Datacard printers.

Four versions exist, but ID Works Standard identification should more than suffice for most users. It features an advanced card design wizard, database management and supports access control card encoding.

£875.00 ex. VAT

£1050.00inc. VAT


Need more help choosing the right ID card software?

If this is the first time you’ve purchased ID card software, we can appreciate it can seem a little daunting.

We’ve a dedicated team of experts and support staff that will make sure you make the best purchasing decisions for you. Give us a call on 0800 988 2095 to find out more.

If you haven’t bought a printer yet, check out our definitive list of the best ID card printers.

Disclaimer: All prices correct as of 16/02/2022.