EasyBadge ID card software

This free app is saving businesses thousands and helping work forces safely return to work

Has your company or organisation changed the way it operates over the last six months? If you’re anything like us, the answer to that will be a resounding yes.

We’ve identified a piece of software that eradicates the potential issues traditional ID issuance could cause 2020 in one fell swoop.

Say hello to EasyBadge. Or to be more specific… the EasyBadge App. In this blog, we’ll explain what it is, how it works and most importantly, how it’s poised to help businesses in 2020.

Introducing the free EasyBadge App

EasyBadge is what we consider to be the best ID card software on the market right now. But as workplaces adapt to the next normal, there are added benefits.

Whether you choose the EasyBadge Lite, EasyBadge Professional or EasyBadge Enterprise, all three of them include access to the EasyBadge App that can be downloaded via the google and apple app stores.

Primarily, this application allows you to edit and update your database on the go, helping eliminate some of the difficulties and pain points often associated with image capture and ID databases.

Here’s how the EasyBadge App works

  1. A user will take a photo on their smartphone or tablet via the App.
  2. The image is saved onto the App.
  3. The user sends the picture along with other information to be included on the printed card via the secure EasyBadge Cloud.
  4. The photo and data are securely sent straight to a paired ID card printer.
  5. The ID card is printed.

The EasyBadge App can help workforces stay safe

But why does this matter for workplaces in a post-pandemic world?

  • It removes touchpoints and the need for social distancing during onboarding and enrolment processes.
  • It helps organisations adapt to a more flexible and remote way of issuing ID.
  • It cuts unnecessary movements and contact as employers carry out a phased return to the office.


EasyBadge app screenshot

Removes touchpoints

It’s become more imperative than ever to remove as many shared touchpoints as possible within a workplace. Increased demand for contactless access control cards and our door-opening cardholder are testament to this. For larger organisations with regular onboarding processes and for educational establishments enrolling new students, touchpoints are usually unavoidable at some stage.

Traditionally, there will be a system in place to take a photograph and enter new people onto card databases introducing multiple undesirable touchpoints as well as a possibility of queues depending on the size of your onboarding process.

Put simply, it allows employees can take pictures and send data remotely, completely eradicating queues and touchpoints in the traditional onboarding process. In fact, you could say it’s been specifically designed to help organisations adapt to a more remote and contactless way of issuing ID in 2020.

Promotes a more flexible way of working

Homeworking has been embraced like never before. While many employers are now implementing phased returns, the EasyBadge App allows employers to issue ID to remote workers quickly, efficiently and easily. With the EasyBadge app, ID cards can be issued to those working from home prior to their return.

Keeps movements to a minimum

For larger workplaces that operate several databases or use multiple ID card printers, the EasyBadge app makes perfect sense. The data can then be sent straight to a card printer. This keeps face-to-face interactions and movements within the workplace to a minimum.

Bonus: It saves money too

If you’re responsible for ID issuance within a workplace, just consider how much money photo capture traditionally costs.

On top of the hours you spend carrying the process out, you also have expensive camera and lighting equipment to consider. We had a look at the average cost of these items and compared them with the cost of using the EasyBadge app in conjunction with one of our most popular ID card printers and the EasyBadge Professional software.

easybadge app vs traditional id issuance costs

So, not only is the EasyBadge app perfect for workplaces adjusting to change in 2020; it’s great for reducing expenditure too.


To use the EasyBadge App, you’ll need to use it with EasyBadge software. If you think your organisation could make use of the EasyBadge App, call our experts on 0800 988 2095. We’ve vast experience in helping people create bespoke ID issuance solutions that meet their exacting requirements.

Read our back to work e-book for more information on products and solutions to help you safely return to the workplace.