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What Makes up a Mobile Access Control System?

what is mobile access control made up of?

Named one of the biggest access control trends for 2022, mobile access control is strengthening thousands of company’s security systems every day.

But what exactly is a mobile access control system made up of? Let’s find out.

Components of a mobile access control system

Mobile access control systems are made up of:

  • A mobile device
  • A door reader
  • Licences
  • Mobile access credentials
  • A centralised management portal

A mobile device

It wouldn’t be a mobile access system without a mobile device. Users can choose between their smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or other compatible device to unlock doors in their building.

A door reader

Like an access card or key fob, mobile devices must be held close to a compatible reader to grant users access to the building. Some readers are compatible with both mobile and physical access control, so there’s a possibility your existing reader is already mobile-ready. If that’s the case, there’s no need to upgrade. But don’t worry if your current reader isn’t compatible, as we can help you seamlessly upgrade.


You must purchase licences to use mobile access control on-site. Licences are valid for one year and can be renewed annually. You can find out more about mobile credential licences here.

Mobile access credentials

Not to be confused with licences, mobile access credentials are the data that confirm a person’s identity. Also known as mobile IDs, mobile credentials communicate with door readers to either grant or deny users access to the building. Credentials are unique to each person and cannot be cloned, strengthening security.

A centralised management portal

Mobile access control systems are managed remotely via a centralised dashboard. Security administrators can instantly grant, disable and amend mobile credentials via the dashboard, and can revoke credentials if mobile phones are lost or stolen.

Let’s Recap

There’s a common misconception that mobile access control systems are difficult to manage and consist of several complex procedures. The reality is that they’re pretty straightforward to manage, containing 5 main elements.

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