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How To Prevent Access Control Card Cloning

how to prevent your access control cards in your access control system from getting cloned

Access control cards are commonly used in organisations worldwide. However, more companies are becoming aware that cards can easily be cloned using cheap technology available online.

But don’t worry – as access control card specialists, we’re here to help.

In this post, we’re sharing our top tips to help you protect your access control cards from being cloned.

How to prevent your access control cards from getting cloned

  • Use modern, secure cards
  • Use the security features available
  • Opt for programmed cards
  • Switch to mobile access control

Use modern, secure cards

MIFARE Classic cards are the most popular choice of access control cards. However, they use legacy technology that has been around for years. This old technology hasn’t been updated and is now unable to keep up with modern threats – a huge risk of using outdated access cards.

We recommend using modern, secure cards to stay protected against card cloning. Our top recommendations are MIFARE DESFire cards and HID iClass SEOS cards which, to date, have not been cloned.

Use the security features available

To prevent access control cards from getting cloned, administrators should make use of the security features available.

It’s worth noting that different cards come with different security features. For example, HID SEOS cards use secure cryptography to ensure better protection than any other HID access control card. SEOS cards automatically have their security features turned on.

Other modern access control cards will offer different security features that will help protect your cards.

Opt for programmed cards

All access control cards come with a card serial number (CSN). Sometimes referred to as the UID, this number is publicly known and offers no security features. It’s similar to a house number in the sense that every house has a unique number to identify it. The CSN doesn’t provide secure access and can easily be cloned.

Programming a card involves adding extra information like credential data to the card’s chip. Programming a card strengthens card security and protects cards from being cloned.

You can find out more about programming an access card in our new blog post, coming soon.

Switch to mobile access control

One way to stop cards from being cloned is by not using cards at all.

Mobile access control involves using a smartphone to enter the building instead of a card. It uses the same SEOS technology found in iClass SEOS cards, ensuring the highest level of security.

With mobile access, credentials are sent straight to a mobile device, away from prying eyes. What’s more, these credentials are encrypted and cannot be cloned.

As more organisations become aware of the advancements in card cloning, there has been a large increase in companies switching to mobile access control. Mobile access is one of the most secure access technologies on the market and efficiently solves the access card cloning issue. You can learn more about the benefits of mobile access here.

The tips above should have provided helpful insights about how to prevent your access control cards from getting cloned. Now, let’s take a brief look at the dangers of cloned access control cards.

The dangers of cloned access control cards

If an unauthorised individual or criminal gets hold of a cloned access card, they will be able to enter the premises. This could result in:

  • A security breach
  • Harm being caused to the building, company, staff or data
  • Reputational damage

If any of the above were to occur, they could be extremely costly for your company. That’s why we recommend improving security measures now rather than after finding out your cards have been cloned.

Let’s Recap

No one wants their access cards to be cloned – cloned cards mean unauthorised visitors with malicious intent can enter the building and cause harm to your company, staff, data and entire security system.

If that wasn’t enough, cloned cards could also lead to reputational damage and security breaches.

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