Access Control Product Comparison

HID Signo™ vs HID iCLASS SE® Access Control Readers: Head to Head

HID Global are known for their best-in-class access control solutions. The HID Signo™ and iCLASS SE® are their most popular reader ranges and we’re often asked about the difference between the two.

Signo is the newer, more up-to-date range, whereas iCLASS SE is the older range and does not work with the latest technologies.

The main difference between HID Signo and iCLASS SE readers is that Signo supports HID Mobile Access as standard, while HID iCLASS SE does not. This ensures Signo provides complete versatility and future-proof capabilities.

Below, you’ll find an in-depth comparison of HID’s famous access reader ranges to help you decide which is right for your requirements. Let’s begin.

Head to Head: HID Signo vs HID iCLASS SE Access Control Readers

difference between HID Signo and HID iCLASS and multiCLASS SE access control card readers

As shown in the table above, Signo readers offer everything the iCLASS SE readers do and more.

HID Signo readers support mobile access by default, whereas iCLASS SE readers only support mobile access through the extra module.

Additionally, Signo readers come with an IP65 rating, giving them the highest level of dust protection and making them water-resistant. On the other hand, iCLASS SE readers come with a lower IP55 rating, giving them protection from limited amounts of dust and low pressure water jets from any direction.

HID Signo access control card reader

Overall, Signo is the winner. And it’s no surprise, as the range contains HID’s newest readers to date, with the Signo 20 and Signo 40 being the most popular. You can find out more about Signo readers here.

If you’re using iCLASS SE readers or any older readers, now is the perfect time to refresh and upgrade.

Let’s Recap

HID Signo is the modern, advanced reader range. Signo is created on a versatile platform designed to provide support for a wide range of verticals, including access control systems of the past, present and future.

HID iCLASS SE readers are created on a flexible platform for highly adaptable, interoperable and secure access control solutions suited to a wide range of verticals.

As HID’s leading ranges, the Signo and iCLASS SE are both great options, supporting various credential technologies and catering to numerous organisations. However, as the newer range, Signo has a few advantages, supporting HID Mobile Access as default for complete versatility.

Whichever HID access control card reader you choose to go for, you’re in the right place. We have access control specialists on-hand, ready to help you choose the best reader for your access control system.

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