Access Control

Meet Signo™, HID’s Signature Line of Access Control Card Readers

Signo™ readers are some of the most popular access readers on the planet.

Created by HID Global, the world’s leading access control reader manufacturer, these readers are trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide.

In this post, we’re breaking down the HID Signo range and sharing everything you need to know. We’ll cover:

  • The basics
  • Read range
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Environment
  • Energy savings

Let’s dive right in.

HID Signo Access Control Card Readers Review

The Basics

Signo access control card readers offer complete versatility, powerful performance and future-proof capabilities.

Readers work with a range of credentials and support HID Mobile Access, allowing companies to choose the credentials that best fit their requirements.

The Signo range contains various models, and each model is a variation of the base models: the Signo 20 and Signo 40. These readers are used in various applications including office buildings, universities, museums and more.

Now let’s take a look at the key features.

Optimised Read Range

The typical read range of Signo access control readers is between 4 – 10 cm, depending on the cards used.

This read range is reliable for various RFID technologies and their combinations. However, where Signo stands out is with its Automatic Surface Detection feature, which optimises the read range.

Usually, when readers are installed on metal surfaces, the RFID performance can be significantly affected and a spacer is required behind. However, with Automatic Surface Detection, the reader detects the surface it has been installed on and automatically adjusts the antenna tuning accordingly.

This significantly improves the read range, especially when readers are mounted on metal.

Unrivalled Security

HID Signo readers provide the best-in-class security, allowing building owners to future-proof their security systems like never before.

The main security features of Signo readers are:

  • Encrypted Seos technology supported by default
  • Patented Velocity Attack Detection protects against electronic brute force attacks
  • EAL 6+ certified secure element hardware ensures secret keys and cryptographic calculations are handled by a certified Secure Element

HID have created a highly secure reader range that enables access control systems to respond to all threats, old and new, as they arise. It’s the ultimate reader solution.

Compatibility and Mobile-Readiness

Signo readers are compatible with low frequency 125 kHz cards, high frequency 13.56 MHz cards and HID Mobile Access via Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. This allows users to choose the right credentials for their requirements.

Readers are designed to be highly versatile, powerful and connected to the future, helping organisations meet the security needs of our dynamic world.

One Range For Any Environment

Signo is the one reader range you need to secure any setting and any location. Readers are IP65 rated and can be installed:

  • Indoors and outdoors – with no gasket needed
  • Limited mounting space with or without PIN (revolving doors, door frames)
  • Standard mounting space with or without PIN
  • Elevators
  • Turnstiles
  • Steel reader columns

Other key features of HID Signo readers include:

  • Intelligent Power Mode (IPM) – This energy-saving function reduces the amount of power during non-peak hours by as much as 75% compared to standard operating mode.
  • Visually Impaired Mode – This feature assists with keypad entry for visually impaired users by reducing sensitivity and eliminating inadvertent data to the panel.

The HID Signo range

Now let’s take a look at the individual Signo readers. The Signo range consists of:

When choosing the right reader for your company, you will have to take your company requirements into account. For instance, if you’re looking for a narrow reader for door applications, you will need a Signo 20 reader.

For more helpful information on choosing the right reader, check out our blog post on the difference between HID Signo 20 and 40 readers, coming soon.

So, What’s The Verdict?

Based on our in-house tests, we’re awarding the HID Signo access reader range 5 stars out of 5.

We love the versatility that these readers bring and understand why they’re a hit with so many organisations around the globe.

Overall, Signo readers are a great fit for any situation and are designed for secure, sustainable and future-proof buildings.

Get in touch on 0800 988 2095 to speak to us about upgrading to new Signo readers. Our team has all the knowledge and know-how of our solutions and can help you choose the best reader for your requirements. Alternatively, if you know which reader you need, check out all our HID card readers here.