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The Underestimated Power Of Lanyards In A Healthcare Environment

healthcare professional wearing a lanyard

In the healthcare industry, the top priority is providing exceptional levels of care in a safe and comfortable environment. However, meeting the diverse needs of individuals can be challenging. That’s where lanyards come in.

These often-overlooked accessories have remarkable potential in a healthcare environment. This blog is going to look at the versatile benefits of lanyards, from improving efficiency and patient engagement to enhancing staff identification and infection control.

Let’s delve into the importance of lanyards in healthcare:

Infection Control and Safety:

Lanyards play a significant role in maintaining infection control practices. Lanyards allow healthcare professionals and patients to keep essential identification cards, access keys, and other necessary information accessible without compromising hygiene. Lanyards with safety-breakaways help to prevent the spread of infection by minimising the risk of the lanyard becoming entangled in equipment or touching contaminated surfaces. This reduces the chance of cross-contamination and ensures a safer environment for both patients and staff.

Patient Communication and Engagement:

Lanyards in a healthcare environment have a remarkable impact on patient communication and engagement: they can also be great conversation starters. Our Hello My Name Is ID Card Holder for NHS staff allows staff and patients to display their name on a visibly displayed badge holder. This act of personalisation can be a strong way to build up relationships between staff and patients and make the patient feel more at ease to communicate their individual needs.

By utilising lanyards into a healthcare environment, they enhance patient communication and engagement, leading to improved patient satisfaction and overall quality of care.

Communication Accessibility:

Lanyards provide a practical solution for improving communication accessibility in healthcare settings. By incorporating visual cues and symbols onto personalised lanyards, healthcare professionals can understand the best method of communication in case the patient has a disability such as being blind or deaf.

Colour-coded plain lanyards can indicate different patient requirements, such as their designated ward or language preference. Simple colour and visual changes can transform a patients and staff member’s experience. Prioritising communication accessibility through lanyards fosters better patient engagement and satisfaction.

Security and Access Control:

Healthcare lanyards play a vital role in increasing security and access control in healthcare environments. Using ID card holders and access control cards alongside lanyards, organisers can easily identify authorised individuals and regulate entry into restricted areas. This strengthens security, protects sensitive information, and allows to keep boundaries between patients and staff.

Lanyards are important for displaying ID cards and easy access control around the facilities. They create a safe environment and keep patients and staff protected. NHS staff lanyards also make it clear to differentiate between visitors, staff, and patients to regulate who should be where in the building.

Visitor Management:

Effective visitor management in healthcare systems is essential because it ensures a secure and controlled atmosphere. Visitor lanyards offer a practical solution for streamlining visitor identification and monitoring quantities. It is important in healthcare settings that the patient’s family and friends have the accessibility to visit. However, it is just as important to consider their preferences in who visits them and their rest periods. Having a strong visitor management system that includes lanyards allow facilities to meet their patient’s needs as well as family and friends.


Lanyards have proven themselves to be an invaluable asset in the healthcare industry, offering a range of benefits that are often underestimated. From promoting infection control and safety to enhancing patient communication and engagement, lanyards have the power to transform the healthcare experience.

If you’re interested in incorporating lanyards into your healthcare system, ID experts Digital ID can help. Our team are available for a call on 0800 988 2095 for expert advice on how to improve the identification process in healthcare settings.