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Card Printing Tips & Advice

Jun 11 Top tips for a more sustainable workplace in 2020

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One of the few positives to come out of the last few months for us all is the cleaner air and drop in pollution across the globe. Lots of businesses were already on their way to becoming less wasteful and more sustainable, there’s little doubt the COVID-19 pandemic will speed up the pace of change.

With businesses and governments alike pushing for a green recovery after the coronavirus crisis, here are some simple pointers that can help you create greener workplaces in 2020.

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Card Printing Tips & Advice

Jun 3 Wondering how to clean your ID card properly? Read this first…

Cleaning ID card lead image

Photographic identification and access control cards are crucial for many organisations and are likely used by every member of staff.

While cleaning your ID card printer is essential, something that isn’t considered as often is the cleanliness of the cards themselves. In the current environment, it’s more important than ever to ensure they are sanitised. But how do you make sure your cards don’t start to fade?

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Card Printing Tips & Advice

May 26 Return to work: Is your ID card printer ready for action?

ID card printer - return to work

The last few months has seen Digital ID team keeping the NHS and other essential services well stocked with the ID products they need to keep operating – along with some crucial COVID-19 supplies too.

As more businesses think about returning to offices and workspaces, it’ll be more important than ever to ensure that your ID card printer is on top form and ready for action. Many companies will be adapting access control procedures and ID card policies. Is your printer up to the task?

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