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The Significance Of Enhancing Security And Safeguarding In Schools

student lanyard being displayed

Security and safeguarding are vital in any school environment. While there are many aspects that contribute to a strong security strategy, lanyards are often overlooked. However, these simple accessories have the potential to play a significant role beyond identification.

In this blog, we delve into the way how introducing lanyards can improve your current strategies, and create a safer environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Read on to find out how lanyards can improve security and safeguarding in schools.

Visual monitoring and awareness

Lanyards are a visible indicator that shows who belongs to the school. When everyone wears a lanyard – staff, students, visitors, and governors – it is easy to know they have permission to be there. This helps to increase school security and safeguarding of students because we can quickly identify who shouldn’t be there. Lanyards help to keep student and staff protected by ensuring only authorised people are on the premises.

Colour-coding lanyards

Another way lanyards can enhance security is by colour-coding lanyards depending on the role of the wearer. By using different colours for staff, visitors, and volunteers, we can quickly acknowledge who is who, and who belongs where. This helps to identify authorised people easily and spot anyone who is somewhere they shouldn’t be. In emergency situations, colour-coding lanyards help staff to identity and direct individuals based on their assigned colour.

By implementing colour-coded lanyards, schools can establish a clear and effective system that contributed to a secure and protected environment for everyone within the educational setting.

School Branding

Having personalised lanyards in schools can significantly enhance security and safeguarding measures. By choosing a design personal to the school, it allows for quick recognition of students, staff, and visitors who are apart of the school community and quickly recognise anyone who doesn’t belong there. This promotes a safer environment and discourages unauthorised individuals from entering the premises.

Control and Management

Lanyards play a crucial role in enforcing control and enhancing security management in school settings. By utilising lanyards equipped with access control cards, schools can effectively regulate students’ access to specific areas of the building. This approach significantly strengthens security and safeguarding measures, as students wearing their designated student lanyard can be restricted from entering restricted areas that could potentially pose danger or harm to them.

Additionally, lanyards ensure that unauthorised individuals are physically prevented from accessing the school premises, reinforcing a secure environment.

Visitor Management

Lanyards used during visitor management plays a vital role in strengthening security and safeguarding measures in schools. By providing visitors with easily identifiable visitor lanyards and temporary badges, schools can establish a clear distinction between authorised individuals and outsiders. Staff and students can visually be made aware of visitors’ presence.

Additionally, lanyards make it easier for staff members to approach and assist visitors, ensuring that they are properly guided and monitored during their time on school grounds. By implementing lanyards as part of visitor management systems, schools can maintain a safe environment by preventing unauthorised visitors from entering the building.


Lanyards are an underestimated yet crucial accessory for a strong security and safeguarding strategy. Not only do they drastically improve identification, but they assist with student, staff, and visitor safety.

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