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Free Proximity Card Test

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Free Proximity Card Test

Ok, you’re probably visiting this page because you need help identifying which type of proximity card you’re using.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Most customers we speak to don’t know the exact details of the proximity cards they use. That’s precisely why we offer a free proximity card test.

But why does it matter?

When it’s time to reorder your access control cards, you will need the card details to hand. Without them, you won’t know which cards to order and might end up choosing some that don’t work with your system.

Many people negate the hassle of identifying their access control cards and instead, feel forced to continue buying from their original supplier, as they can order the ‘same as last time’, even though they’re paying well over the odds.

Sound familiar?

Problem number 1 – Before buying elsewhere, the customer needs to know the card type.

Problem number 2 – Is the card type always printed on the card? No.

Therefore, the customer continues to buy from the original supplier at a much higher price.

The Solution

Our FREE format testing service allows you to identify the card type and gain access to much better prices.

How can we do it when there might not be any identifying features on the cards?


Our in-house experts have access to multiple card readers meaning we can quickly format test virtually any card.

How Does it Work?

  • Fill out this form
  • On completion of the form, a member of our access team will get in touch
  • They’ll ask you to send a sample card to our format testing centre

Once we receive your card, we’ll test it against our readers. After the tests have been completed, we’ll send your card back to you along with a format report detailing the card type and a quote to let you know how much we have saved you against your current supplier.

There’s no obligation and no hassle. It’s just a free service to help you identify the card type and save you money.

You can view our full range of proximity & contactless cards here.