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Aug 9 Mobile Access Clear Winner in HID Physical Access Report

State of physical access control report summary

HID Global, leading trusted identities provider, recently released The 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report.

Produced in partnership with IFSEC Global, the report surveyed just over 1,000 respondents across North America (56%), EMEA (29%) and Asia Pacific (15%) to detail trends in the procurement, installation, specification, and operation of physical access control solutions.

The aim of the report is to provide insightful perspectives of the market’s current state and highlight the direction it’s taking.

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Jul 21 Which Technologies Are Transforming Workplace Security in 2023?

technologies transforming workplace security

Are you still using basic security measures to protect your workplace? If so, we’ve got some bad news…

These basic security measures keep your organisation open to breaches. Some were formed years ago and it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then.

Now, in 2023, these basic processes can’t keep up with modern threats. So, sticking with your outdated system increases the likelihood of attacks – both physical and cyber attacks.

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Jun 30 Will smartphones replace cards in the future? How mobile authentication is taking over

In 2023, smartphones are everywhere.

From catching up on emails during the daily commute to watching videos at lunchtime to buying a new pair of shoes in seconds, the humble smartphone lets users do it all.

As a result, digital payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay have gained traction, with several users ditching their bank cards and relying solely on their digital wallet. New research shows that some adults have become so reliant on digital payment methods such as Apple Pay that not only have they lost their bank cards – no, they’ve gone one step further and have even forgotten their PIN numbers.

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