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Four assumptions employers should avoid when reopening post COVID-19

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Reopening in a safe and responsible manner post-lockdown is a problem thousands of businesses are currently facing. In fact, our COVID-19 supplies are in high demand across a range of sectors.

As a business that helps thousands of companies across the UK keep safe and secure – as well as employing a vast team across the UK ourselves – we know how crucial it is to ensure employee well-being.

So, here are four assumptions we think employers should avoid as they look to reopen their offices.

1. Don’t assume all employees will feel safe returning to the workplace

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on working life, and as the lockdown begins to ease many businesses are left wondering just exactly what their workplaces will look like going forward.Busy train station

As businesses look at how they can safely return to their offices, it will be important to consider staff’s mental well-being as well as protecting their physical health.

The best way to reassure staff is the take the necessary precautions and adapt policy for the “new normal” (something we will touch on later). Introducing new procedures such as temperature screening will also help to put employees’ minds at ease too.

For the best advice and practices for implementing and changing policies in your industry, you should have a read of the government-issued advice.

However, there’s little doubt that employers should start considering how operations should be handled if some staff still wish to work from home; something those who are in a higher risk category of complications if they contract the illness will be wondering.

2. Don’t assume you can rely on your current ID issuance, access control and visitor policies

COVID-19 has fuelled the desire to go contactless – if you’ve been to a supermarket recently, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Contactless proximity cards have been used as a form of security and access control for years, with many businesses using them to create policies and grant entry to certain areas.

As we return to the workplace, it’s likely that social distancing and segregated working will become the norm. Employers should review their current access control system, adapt card permissions and revise entry/exit points accordingly.

Moreover, it’ll be more important than ever to ensure everyone on site is accounted for and has gone through the correct check-in procedures.

Wearing a form of photographic identification is the perfect way of doing this, while the reverse of the cards is an excellent place to display post COVID-19 procedures, policies and reminders. ID card printers are great investments for creating these ID cards and securing your organisation.

3. Don’t assume social distancing will be easily managed

social distancing lanyards

It sounds simple enough, but keeping an appropriate 2-metre distance between all employees at all times is harder than it sounds.

Our social distancing lanyards (design above) are a handy reminder to staff that they must maintain distances at all times and can help reinforce a change in policy, but there are other things to consider too.

Separating out offices into “pods” is one thing, but employers also need to consider shared devices, kitchens, reception areas and of course toilets.

Creating new policies such as one-person toilets, introducing staggered break times and using personal protective equipment (PPE) where appropriate will all help manage these problems, but social distancing in the workplace is an area that will need careful consideration.

4. Don’t assume increased cleaning regimes will be enough on their own

It’s a given that increased and more thorough cleaning practices will be needed to create a COVIDcleaning operative-secure workspace, but that won’t be enough.

Work spaces need to be assured and employers need to be accountable, so it’ll be crucial they implement more thorough ways of recording when and where cleaning has taken place. Products such as MyTAG have been allowing employers to record proof of ID, but the technology can now be harnessed to keep track of when areas were cleaned and ensure that protocols are followed.

Need help making your workspace COVID-19-safe?

As COVID-19 changes the world, we’re changing with it. Our line of products are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our customers. For more information on how we can assist make your business ‘COVID-Secure’, email us at or give us a call on 0800 988 2095.