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The Difference Between HID Signo 20 and Signo 40 Card Readers

HID Signo 20 vs 40

The Signo 20 and Signo 40 card readers are HID’s newest, most secure readers. They’re both part of the brand’s signature line of access control readers and we’re often asked about the differences between the 2.

The main difference between HID Signo 20 and 40 readers is the sizing and mounting options. Signo 20 readers are suitable for mullion-style mounting, whereas Signo 40 readers are bigger and suited to wall switch mounting.

In this post, we’re taking a deeper look at both readers and sharing the differences between each. But first…

Head to Head: Signo 20 vs Signo 40 Access Control Card Readers

HID Signo 20 and Signo 40 Comparison

As shown above, the Signo 20 and Signo 40 readers are pretty similar, and the main difference lies within the mounting options and sizing.

These readers are HID’s most popular readers yet and you can find out more about Signo readers here.

Let’s Recap

The HID Signo 20 and Signo 40 readers are both excellent choices for secure, sustainable, future-proof buildings. The card readers are pretty similar, but the sizing and mounting options are what sets them apart.

Our most popular Signo 20 and 40 card readers are the HID Signo 20 reader with pigtail connection and Signo 40 reader with pigtail connection.

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