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Aug 12 What is the size of an ID card? | The three most popular dimensions

ID card sizes explained

When printing ID cards using an ID card printer, it’s important you purchase the correct size of card.

Our guide gives you a look at three of the most common card dimensions.

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Product Comparison Product Information

Aug 11 Head to head: Magicard 300 vs Magicard 600

magicard head to head 300 vs 600-100

We’re proud to be a Magicard Approved Partner and it’s our job to make sure you purchase the ID card printer that best suits you.

In our Magicard 300 vs Magicard 600 comparison, you’ll discover the key differences between the two that’ll help you decide which meets your requirements best. The pair are two of the most advanced direct-to-card printers to the manufacturer has produced to date.

So, let’s get to it.

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Lanyards Product Information

Aug 10 Lanyards for 2020 | Introducing our expanded range

Silicone lanyards

Here at Digital ID, we like to consider ourselves somewhat of an expert when it comes to lanyards. We issue hundreds of thousands across a range of sectors every single year.

Our range for 2020 is changing. Here are our new lanyard products and some info on why we’re introducing them.

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