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Feb 26 Digital ID gives The Hideaway a boost

Digital ID The Hideaway

It’s been a tough year for everyone, and here at Digital ID we like to give a little back to organisations that are helping the less fortunate get through such a difficult period.

That’s why earlier this month, we donated an ID card printer and a lifetime of support to The Hideaway – a community-focused group based in South Manchester.

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Digital ID News

Dec 9 2020 round-up: A year in the life at Digital ID

Digital ID 2020 round up

Well, that was quite a year, wasn’t it? It certainly wasn’t the year any of us were expecting, but we are proud to say it has still been a busy time for us, supplying all our customers and more importantly keyworkers with the ID, access control and PPE essentials they’ve needed.

We’ve introduced a few innovative new products along the way too so we’d like to give you a little insight into the main events and a look at how we’re helping businesses meet the demands of the “new normal”.

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Digital ID News

Sep 8 QR codes are quietly becoming part of daily life in 2020. Here’s why…

QR code 2020

QR codes have been around for years. Businesses use them to track inventories and orders, even utilising them within access control systems on some occasions.

But now they are being quietly being put to work in a very different way. In fact, they could soon be part and parcel of our daily activities. Here’s how the coronavirus pandemic is giving the humble QR code somewhat of a renaissance.

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