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Sep 8 QR codes are quietly becoming part of daily life in 2020. Here’s why…

QR code 2020

QR codes have been around for years. Businesses use them to track inventories and orders, even utilising them within access control systems on some occasions.

But now they are being quietly being put to work in a very different way. In fact, they could soon be part and parcel of our daily activities. Here’s how the coronavirus pandemic is giving the humble QR code somewhat of a renaissance.

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Sep 3 Is digital ID a good idea? | Everything you need to know

Digital ID - good idea or bad idea?

The government has confirmed it is planning to introduce a new form of digital ID in the future. Booking GP appointments, proving their age and showing they have a right to work and rent in the UK are just a few of the things digital ID would enable people to do.

Given our name (and the fact we supply identification solutions to businesses and organisations across multiple sectors) we thought we’d put our own thoughts forward covering some background info on the idea itself, its benefits, along with some potential pitfalls for the government to avoid if the project goes ahead.

So let’s get to it.

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Jul 27 Dishing the dirt: Office bacteria hot spots revealed

Office germ lead image

COVID-19 has changed our priorities. Many businesses – ourselves included – have implemented increased cleaning regimes as people return to the office. With cleanliness now at the top of the agenda, people are considering what the top office bacteria hotspots are.

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