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Mobile Access

Jan 10 What are HID Mobile Credential Licences? What You Need to Know

HID mobile access licenses

HID’s mobile access solution has quickly gained momentum.

We’re taking a look at the mobile credential licences required and sharing what you need to know.

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Mobile Access

Jan 7 What is HID Seos®? Understanding the technology

Hailed as “The Next Generation of Credential Technology,”  Seos® by HID protects organisations from modern threats better than any other solution on the market.

We’re diving deep into the technology, how it works and where it can be used.

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Access Control Mobile Access

Dec 20 What is HID Mobile Access? Here’s What You Need to Know

what is HID mobile access

HID’s mobile access solution is witnessing enormous growth in the industry, with over 4,000 organisations already using the modern access method. And this figure is likely to grow even more in the near future, with the technology forecast to be one of the biggest access control trends for 2022.

Here, we’re taking a look at the innovative solution and sharing everything you need to know.

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