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Are Lanyards The Key To Improving Attendee Experience At Events?

people at an event smiling wearing personalised event lanyards

Attendee experience takes top priority during the planning and execution of an event. It is important to consider measures that can enhance the process for attendees, making it easy and enjoyable for them. One effective way to achieve this is by utilising event lanyards.

In this blog, we will explore how lanyards can significantly improve the efficiency of events, benefiting not only attendees, but staff and organisers also.

Let’s delve into the various ways lanyards can positively impact event engagement and effectiveness.

Easy identification

Easy identification is essential for a positive attendee experience at events. Lanyards with badges and passes displayed clearly makes it effortless for organisers, staff and attendees to recognise each other. However, lanyards also contribute to keeping participants safe at events. In emergency situations, the clear visibility of badges on lanyards ensures prompt assistance, efficient communication, and orderly evacuation if necessary.

Additionally, personalised lanyards helps to prevent fraudulent access whilst making it easier to distinguish authorised attendees from unauthorised individuals. Moreover, the visible identification of a lanyard helps to efficiently assign attendees, staff, and participants to their designated area to enable a smooth flow of activities. This ultimately improves the overall experience and satisfaction of attendees at events.

Souvenirs and Keepsakes

When attending a favourite event or conference, it’s important for attendees to have something to remember the experience by. Lanyards offer a great solution for this. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also serve as memorable souvenirs. By wearing a personalised lanyard with the event’s branding or logo, attendees can keep a positive reminder of their experience.

Additionally, lanyards as event souvenirs have the power to increase attendee retention for future events. Looking back at lanyards remind individuals of the enjoyable experience and connections made, making them more likely to come back. In this way, lanyards enhance the overall attendee experience by providing a lasting keepsake that boosts engagement and fosters loyalty to the event.

Promotional Opportunities

Personalised lanyards provide valuable promotional opportunities at events by showcasing event branding, logos, or sponsor information. Attendees wearing these branded lanyards become walking advertisements and help to promote the event and any sponsors. This not only generates pride and a sense of belonging among participants but also extends the event’s reach beyond the venue.

Furthermore, lanyards featuring sponsor information encourages attendees to engage with sponsors and other promoted brands. Overall, lanyards serve as powerful promotional tools that benefit both organisers and attendees, creating a sense of community and generating exposure for sponsors.

Streamlined Check-in Process:

Lanyards with personalised designs or QR codes streamline the check-in process at events, making it faster and more convenient for attendees. By wearing their lanyard, attendees can have their badges or codes quickly scanned, reducing wait times and creating a smoother registration experience. This hassle-free approach saves time and eliminates the need for pre-printed tickets and a manual process. The use of QR codes on lanyards enable contactless check-in which can help with safety protocols. Overall, lanyards can help to speed-up check-in, optimise attendee flow, and contribute to a positive attendee experience.

Going contactless

Lanyards enable events to go contactless with payments and enhance security measurements. By integrating RFID technology into lanyards, attendees can make cashless transactions by simply tapping their lanyard or equipped access control contactless cards. This helps with attendee convenience and reduces the risk of theft or loss of bank cards and cash.

Lanyards can also be customised for VIPs, allowing easy access to designated areas with their VIP lanyards. They can also help to separate event and conference participants from the general crowd for additional security measures. Overall, lanyards provide a seamless and secure experience, combining contactless payments, VIP access facilitation, and improved event security.


When planning and executing an event, lanyards can help to make this process more streamlined for both attendees, staff, participants, and organisers. Not only can they improve satisfaction, but they also have many other hidden benefits such as security and identification.

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