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Make Your Workplace LGBTQ+ Inclusive With These 3 Simple Changes

Employers are starting to identify how they can actively demonstrate allyship and foster LGBTQ+ inclusive work environments. As LGBTQ+ inclusion becomes a more determining factor in someone choosing to work for or with a business, more action is being taken to promote workplace inclusion.

As ID specialists, we’ve put together a list of 3 practical ways you can support LGBTQ+ co-workers with inclusive language, and add LGBT-inclusive ID processes to your business.

1. Include Pronouns on ID Badges and Visitor Passes

Seeing the word “pronouns”, employers can often become sceptical, asking what benefit there is in making them more visible and whether they have any positive impact.

The positives that come from displaying pronouns on physical ID cards and badges can range from increasing confidence in transgender colleagues and visitors to promoting awareness and education on gender identity around the workplace.

The way some colleagues may present themselves won’t make it immediately clear how they would prefer to be addressed. An ID card or badge with visible pronouns removes this confusion and helps that employee feel more comfortable in the workplace.

If a trans person works in your company, allowing them the ability to display their pronouns actively demonstrates allyship as a company, encouraging that trans employee to express their gender identity freely.

As part of being an LGBT+ inclusive workplace, encouraging cisgender (a person who identifies to their gender assigned at birth) employees to add pronouns to ID cards helps normalise and encourage discussion around gender expression. It can also be a subtle signifier for LGBTQ+ people that the person or business actively promotes a more inclusive work environment. Most big-name retailers have already updated their systems to include pronouns on ID badges as a visible sign of allyship and acknowledgement of the diversity of their workforce.

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Another helpful tip can be including pronouns on an email signature. If you’ve ever sent an email to someone with a gender-neutral name, for example, Alex or Sam, you may not have known how to address them. By encouraging them to include pronouns in an email signature, this confusion is cleared up.

2. Use a Rewritable Printer for Visitor Passes

When welcoming a visitor on-site, many companies will now issue a temporary visitor ID pass. This is a great opportunity to show clients or visitors the practical steps you are taking to be LGBTQ+ allies by asking the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your title?
  • What are your pronouns?

By asking these questions at the point of entry, your company demonstrates inclusivity towards members of the LGBTQ+ community and as a business shows awareness of workplace inclusion practices.

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3. Offer Lanyards for LGBTQ+ Employees to Express Pride

While this may seem obvious, it is important to note as there are effective ways of distributing items like rainbow lanyards and there are ways this can be seen as performative.

An example of performative allyship towards the LGBTQ+ community in recent years has been when organisations change a logo on social media profiles to a rainbow variant during just Pride Month.

Inclusive workplaces see the importance of supporting and being an ally to LGBT+ employees throughout the year. By creating a work culture where things such as rainbow printed lanyards are available all year round, you demonstrate respect and understanding towards LGBTQ+ inclusion as something your company needs to actively work on throughout the year.

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How will this affect workplace inclusion?

By putting these measures in place, you can start making your organisation’s on-site ID systems more inclusive and educate yourself as an employer on creating an inclusive work culture. With these inclusive processes, your business and its employees will see increased understanding, reduced discrimination and a greater sense of support for LGBTQ+ employees.

To find out more about practical ways your organisation can support LGBT+ employees with inclusive ID and onboarding measures, call our ID experts on 0800 988 2095 or email us at We look forward to speaking to you.