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Jun 14 Work Remotely or Return to The Office? The Debate That’s Making Photo ID and Access Control a Weak Link in Security

work from home or return to the office

Should workers return to the office or be allowed to continue working from home?

This question has divided the country, with some employers getting on board with home working after seeing a spike in productivity and others strictly against the work from home culture.

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Access Control

Mar 18 How the Global Chip Shortage Affects Your Access Control Cards

how the global semiconductor chip shortage affects proximity cards

The global chip shortage has famously affected the production of cars, smartphones and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 5. However, its impact on the smart card market has been left largely undocumented.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the global chip shortage and how it affects your access control cards. But first…

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Access Control

Feb 11 Free E-Book: Mobile Access

Mobile Access free ebook

We’ve created an e-book to explain the basics of mobile access control, what it is and how it could help your organisation thrive in the post-pandemic world.

While other suppliers may ask for your details in exchange for such a document, we won’t.

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