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Jul 28 Why Isn’t My Access Control Card Working?

why is my RFID card not working

The last thing you need is your access control card to stop working – it can make you late for work, lock you out of campus or stop you from getting where you need to be.

It’s the same as breaking or losing your key – after all, smart cards, RFID key fobs, and proximity cards all have a similar function to a standard lock and key.

The question is, why do access cards stop working? Well, we’ve found that most access control card problems rarely have anything to do with the card reader. 9 times out of 10, the issue lies within the card itself, or the access control system.

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Access Control

Jul 27 How to Reorder Access Control Cards

order access cards

Reordering access cards, whether they’re proximity cards or contactless cards, is not always an easy process.

There’s plenty to consider to ensure you order the right plastic cards, including the card type, the brand, the technology used, the access control system and the format or sequence number.

Of course, if you’ve placed an order before or know how to order access cards, then the process will be relatively straightforward.

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Access Control

Jun 22 Product Review: STid Access Control Card Readers

STid Architect Access Reader Range Review

Introducing the newest access readers to our range: the STid Architect® access control card readers.

STid is one of Europe’s leading contactless identification solution providers, using RFID, NFC and Bluetooth technologies.

Their Architect reader range is “the most awarded access control reader series around the world”, and provides high security, flexibility and simplicity for businesses and governments worldwide.

We’re reviewing the STid Architect readers and giving you a more in-depth look at what they have to offer. After reading this post, you will be able to decide whether these access readers are right for your requirements. Let’s begin.

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