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Access Control

Nov 16 Signo or Architect: Which Reader’s Right for Your Access Control Needs?

HID Signo reader or STiD Architect reader


When you think of access control, two brands that instantly spring to mind are HID Global and STid Security.

Why is that?

Both have an impressive array of products in the access control space and are renowned for innovation and quality.

We’ve decided to take a deeper dive into their card reader offerings and why they are in high demand.

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Access Control Product Comparison

Sep 28 HID Signo™ vs HID iCLASS SE® Access Control Readers: Head to Head

HID Global are known for their best-in-class access control solutions. The HID Signo™ and iCLASS SE® are their most popular reader ranges and we’re often asked about the difference between the two.

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Access Control

Sep 27 Meet Signo™, HID’s Signature Line of Access Control Card Readers

Signo™ readers are some of the most popular access readers on the planet.

Created by HID Global, the world’s leading access control reader manufacturer, these readers are trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide.

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