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Webinar: Streamlining enrolment with contact-free card issuance

CardExchange webinar

There’s little doubt that enrolment processes for educational establishments will be a little bit different in 2021.

The technologies we use were already changing at a record pace, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to operate in a ‘Covid-safe’ way means that many organisations will be looking at new and improved methods to deal with enrolment this year.

As the UK’s leading supplier of access control and ID for colleges, universities and schools, we’ve an exclusive solution that meets the challenge. Say hello to CardExchange. It’s a cloud-based system that’s been designed to save you time, cut down on touchpoints and above all, keep your campus as secure as it can possibly be.

We recently hosted a popular webinar to cover what CardExchange is, how it works and its key benefits. But if you missed it, don’t worry – you can download a free copy by clicking the button below.


Alternatively, sit back and watch the full video below. Our education expert Glen is joined by our marketing manager Adam and Card Exchange guru Elliot. They give you a thorough overview of the product and how it can revolutionise the way you issue ID and access control products on campus in the YouTube link below.

If you require more info or would like to know how Card Exchange can be specifically tailored to your establishment, get in touch with Glen by calling 0161 475 8003 or emailing