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Photo ID cards can help you win more business: Here’s how.

Magicard 300 & Photo ID Card

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

When people see or hear the words “Photo ID Cards”, nine times out of ten, people only think of them as a security measure.

But why?

Why do we not look at them as anything more?

In this post, we are going to tell you how photo ID cards can help you win more business when:

  1. Meeting customers face to face
  2. Being worn on the premises by employees

Meeting Customers Face to Face

Whether it’s a new prospect, a current customer or a returning one, making an excellent first impression is vital.

That first interaction set’s the tone of the relationship moving forward and can do one of two things:

  • Install trust
  • Make the customer wary of you and the organisation

So, you probably want to know where a photo ID card comes into this, don’t you?

  1. Photo ID cards enhance your organisation’s professional image

Issuing photo ID cards to all staff and ensuring they are visible immediately implies that the organisation is substantial enough to warrant this.

It also means that an organisation takes what it does seriously, and is serious about the security of its staff, visitors and contractors.

  1. ID badges improve communication

Your potential customers appreciate knowing the name of the person they’re talking to straight away.

Yes, a handshake and telling them your name is a significant first step, but if every staff member from reception onwards has their ID card visible, your potential customers will pick up on this and ensures you’re going to be remembered positively.

  1. The card design

Now, if your employees visit customers either at their work or home address, then the card design plays a crucial part in what happens next.

If a proposed supplier or business partner turned up and presented a card with a low-resolution image on there and just his name, what would you think?

Now, flip this around.

If they turned up with a card displaying a high-resolution image, company logo, name, job title and it was nicely presented inside a holder and a lanyard, you’d be impressed.

  1. Presenting the card

Best practice is to ensure necessary measures are in place beforehand, and all staff are aware that their photo ID card must be visible and shown at the first interaction.

Being worn by employees on the premises

Photo ID cards give employees a sense of belonging and security.

Issuing a photo ID card to employees on their first day of work gives them that sense of belonging.

We’ve all been there when starting a new job, and the daunting fear of not knowing your colleagues, so issuing a simple photo ID card certainly goes a long way.

It also reassures staff that both entry and exit to the building is monitored and that any unwanted guests will be challenged on site.

If your staff know you’ve taken the right steps to ensure their safety then in return, they will feel more secure and productive during the working day.


There you have it: how photo ID cards can help you win more business!

If you are unhappy with your current photo ID cards, the design or the security of the cards, then our team will be happy to help.

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