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Feb 17 How do plastic card printers work? | The ultimate guide

How do plastic ID card printers work?

How do plastic card printers work? If you need to create photo ID, print onto access control cards or create any form of printed plastic card, it’s a question you might be asking.

Also known as ID card printers, plastic card printers are specifically designed to print directly onto cards made from PVC, ABS and recycled material to name but a few. There are several different technologies on offer, and understanding how they all work can help you decide which type is best for you.

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Feb 17 What information should be printed on photo ID cards?


What information should be printed onto photo ID cards in 2021? Before considering designing your cards or even implementing your photo ID system, you need to determine the key information that needs to be included.

Remember, the function of an ID card is more important than how it looks: the design must be built around the required data. So, what should you be including?

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Feb 17 A Helpful Guide to Buying an ID Card Printer

ID card printer buying guide

Buying an ID card printer is a key investment for any organisation and a crucial piece of office or workplace equipment post-COVID-19. Making the right purchase decision in the first place can seem a little daunting and with lots of models and features on offer, we’ve created a simple printer buying guide to ensure you don’t get yourself in a jam. Excuse the pun.

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