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The Benefits of our New 15mm Breakaway Lanyards

New 15mm Breakaway Lanyards

In our latest post, we give you a run down of our new 15mm breakaway lanyards.

If you issue photo ID or contactless cards to staff, visitors or contractors on a regular basis then a lanyard is the perfect way of making sure the card is visible at all times.

Our new 15mm Breakaway Lanyard has been vigorously tested and proven to be stronger than a standard 10mm lanyard.

Alongside the increased width and cost savings, also comes a number of newly added features which are listed below.


The materials that are used to make the 15mm Breakaway Lanyard is now thicker and stronger which makes them even more comfortable to wear around the neck.

This level of comfort is especially important if your business requires the lanyard to be worn for extended periods of time.

With this added comfort, there is less occurrence of friction on the neck area which means the lanyard can be worn without any unnecessary discomfort.


From offices and schools to building suites and music events, the 15mm Breakaway Lanyard can be used in a whole variety of different workplaces.

The plastic J clip on our new lanyards is now interchangeable which means that you can use either a card clip or card reel – the choice is totally yours!


Traditional lanyards have little or no safety features.

Having said this, the 15mm Breakaway is the exception as it comes with a new safety feature that allows the lanyard to break away with a simple pull, hence the name Breakaway.

For this very reason, this makes the 15mm Breakaway suitable for use in hazardous or dangerous conditions and workplaces making it one of our safest lanyards yet!