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Digital ID Partner with MyTag


Furthering our dedication as a forward thinking company , Digital ID is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with MyTag.

MyTAG provides trusted proof of presence, security and tracking solutions to safeguard people, property and assets.

Straightforward and low cost to install, the technology saves time and money, replacing outdated processes with trusted and secure cloud based solutions.

So How Does MyTag Work?

MyTAG’s unique platform combines Near Field Communications (NFC), Geo-Positioning (GPS) and Trusted® Proof of Presence technologies to meet a multitude of client needs in sectors ranging from property management and facilities management to healthcare and education.

MyTAG delivers absolute authentication of Proof of Presence and Proof of Compliance in a way that barcode/QR code or even the latest NFC systems cannot match.

As the requirement to evidence corporate oversight of the health, safety and welfare of employees, visitors and contractors is growing, MyTAG captures information using patented technology which cannot be cloned, unlike traditional systems.

How Can MyTag Help You?

MyTag can be broken down into a number of individual services to meet the requirements of the organisation.

Below is a short breakdown of each service currently available:

  • Key and Asset Management
  • Lone Worker
  • Proof of Presence
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of Compliance
  • Proof of Service

Key and Asset Management

MyTAG Key and Asset management will improve your tracking of assets, saving you time and money, and allowing you to demonstrate the professionalism of your processes and systems.

All physical keys are tagged with a unique NFC key tag. When a key is used, it is tapped on the tablet to launch the checkout interface and information about who took the key and when it is due back is recorded. When the key is returned, it is tapped again on the tablet to check it back into the system. Automatic reminders are issued to follow up on keys which are overdue for return.

Watch the short video below to find out more.


Lone Worker

MyTAG Lone Worker helps you ensure the safety of your employees when they are working alone. Employees are issued with individual NFC tags that record and monitor their movements through the MyTAG 24/7 system. Through personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, individuals are able to preset their whereabouts and plans at any time, day or night.

Proof of Presence

MyTAG Proof of Presence provides trusted proof that a person was at a given location at specific times, allowing proof of servicing times, security patrols, visit periods and other time/location based events. An efficient and effective solution for managing services, MyTAG allows you to demonstrate professionalism and compliance as well as saving you time and money.

MyTAG Trusted® Tags are installed as checkpoints at key building locations, or on fixed assets and each tag is activated with the tap of a low cost Near Field Communication (NFC) device. This simple tap is all that the person needs to deliver trusted proof of presence at a given checkpoint. If a report is required, a proprietary application can be engaged on the mobile device, providing immediate feedback to the offsite team or control room, via photo, video or text entries. This allows action to be taken quickly, whatever the issue.

Proof of ID

MyTag’s Secure Proof of I.D. is a secure ID card system which cannot be copied or cloned. The patented technology brings ID cards into the modern age, through a unique proof of presence and proof of compliance solution.

When a personalised ID card is checked, the officer simply taps the card against a mobile phone or other NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled device and has instant proof that it is valid and genuine via cryptographic functionality. Each ID card contains a trusted tag. When the card is tapped on the NFC enabled device, the device receives a URL with a unique cryptographic code from the tag, which displays all the data and pictures on the device. Identity can hence be visually verified against the photo on the card plus any detailed personal information, training records and equipment use permits can be displayed.

Proof of Compliance

MyTAG Proof of Compliance (Patent pending) allows you to demonstrate that you have complied with all relevant legislation and regulations, ensuring that your building and its occupants are kept safe. The regular testing of water hygiene, portable appliances, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers are just some of the current requirements, and the maintenance of lifts and air conditioning systems is also key. Whether you are a building manager, facilities manager or service provider, proof of compliance is likely to be an important part of your role.

How Does the Technology Work?


MyTAG provides proof of presence, time and attendance, proof of compliance, key and asset management, secure proof of ID and postroom solutions through a Cloud based platform which combines Near Field Communication (NFC), HID Trusted® Tags with integrated Geo Positioning (GPS) technology.

Unlike bar codes, QR codes and standard NFC tags, Trusted® Tags cannot be copied of cloned, so can be used to authenticate critical activities such as compliance checks, security patrols and healthcare visits.

Cloud Based

Being Cloud based and wireless means that MyTAG does not need to be hardwired or integrated with existing systems, making it simple and inexpensive to install and operate. It is also intuitive, so users can be up and running with little training.


If you would like more information then please download a free copy of the MyTag services brochure here.

Alternatively, if you would like to book a demonstration then please call 0800 988 2095, or email quoting “MYTAG” demo.

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