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How to Add a UV Feature to Printed Cards Using EasyBadge

To add the UV feature to your printed cards, this needs to take place at the same time as printing a regular card.

To set the UV feature, you will need to adjust the printing settings when you are in the card design stage of EasyBadge.

Don’t worry, we’ve created a helpful video that shows you exactly how to do it.

In principle, the steps of the process are listed below:

  1. Open up the database in EasyBadge, then open up the card designer through the ‘Change the Design’ button in the middle of the page and clicking edit a design.
  2. Once in the design click the ‘New Graphic’ button on the left-hand side of the designer.
  3. This will open up the file explorer. Locate your desired UV pattern/Image and double-click it to incorporate it into the design.
  4. Once in the design make any size and placement adjustments using the blue boxes on the corners of the image.
  5. Once you’re happy with the placement and size right, click the image and go to ‘Layer > UV’.
  6. When you click UV, the image should go a see-through purple colour.
  7. When you next print your design using a fluorescent ribbon you should have UV applied to your card.

Don’t forget that this process will only work when using the EasyBadge 659339 YMCFKO UV colour ribbon.

EasyBadge 659339 UV colour ribbon.

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