The benefits of Proof of ID?

Instant Validation

Unclonable Cards

Live Audit Trail & Monitoring

Increased Security

Reduce Plastic

How does Proof of ID solve this?

Standard ID Cards

  • Cards can be cloned
  • Verified by eye, prone to human error
  • Takes time to validate
  • High reissuing costs due to printed expiry
    date on card

ID Cards with Proof of ID

  • Impossible to clone due to built in MyTag chip
  • Always correctly verified using a mobile device
  • Validation is instant
  • Cards can be updated remotely, removing the need to reissue a new card

How does Proof of ID work?

Issuing photo ID cards containing MyTAG means any member of staff within your workplace or even the general public with a mobile phone or NFC enabled device can check the authenticity of the card instantly. A quick tap of the card on the device returns a result instantly and validates the cards authenticity.

Photo ID Card Issued

Each ID card issued contains a trusted tag that cannot be cloned or copied.

Card Check

To check the card is valid and genuine, tap or present the card against a mobile phone or NFC enabled device.

Card Validation

When the card is tapped, the device receives a URL with a unique code from the tag, which confirms the cards authenticity.


MyTAG provides instant notification to confirm a real card has been presented. This functionality prevents a URL from being used multiple times and also makes the tag impossible to clone.

Proof of ID is proven to save time

Instant results, reduces checking time

No need to integrate into existing IT systems

No apps required, only web browser needed

Employees require little training

Low cost of installation


Sounds great. What’s next?

Next up is a 30 minute discovery call where we can find out a little bit more about each other.The call allows you to ask any questions and enables us to ensure we’re a good fit.

Once you have provided us with your details, our Proof of ID sales manager will contact you to introduce themselves and setup the call at a convenient date and time.