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MSR900 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer


MSR900 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer

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Price: £295.00
( £354.00 Incl VAT )
Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Next day delivery to mainland UK £8.50. Worldwide shipping available.

Trust in this reliable MSR900 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader and Writer which can decode, encode and verify. A secure addition to any company ID systems, the MSR900 comes with an easy to connect USB interface, adapter and power cord. It can be used for secure encoding of gift cards, license cards, financial cards, membership cards and many more magnetic swipe card uses. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee and dual status LED indicators.

It is Hi-Co/Lo-Co configurable with manual swipe operation and the ability to write and verify date on single, dual or trip tracks in just one swipe. Ideal for applications in movable data collection (at racing events or trade shows), point of sales and attendance tracking. The MSR900 is one of the smallest magnetic card reader/writers of its kind. Half the size of the MSR206.

The MSR900 Magnetic card reader has a min 1000k swipes for the read/write head life.

Do you want to produce your own company branded magnetic swipe cards? Digital ID stock a range of plastic card printers and accompanying accessories, providing everything you need to produce your own ID and membership cards in-house.


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