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April 14, 2010

Benefits of loyalty cards, discount cards and membership cards for your business

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 12:40 pm

There seem to be lots of membership cards and loyalty cards flying around at the moment (not literally, we hope). If you’ve seen them, or been given them, but aren’t entirely sure why, here are some of the advantages that they offer to both businesses and customers:

• Promotion – customers are more likely to visit your business over a competitor if they look in their wallet and see your name.
• You can get to know your customers if they have membership cards with their names on, or by seeing which stamps/entries there are on their loyalty card.
• You could reduce paperwork if customers’ details are stored on their electronic membership card.
• You can promote new ideas or products by allowing members or loyalty card holders an ‘exclusive’ period of a week or two before opening it up to the general public.

• You will usually get a reward if you fill up a loyalty card.
• You can feel more valued by the company as it gives you a return for your regular business.
• You can remember the name of ‘that really good coffee shop on the corner of whatchmacallit’ because it will be in your wallet.

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