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March 18, 2010

Ever thought about changing your card loyalty cards to plastic?

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 3:15 pm

Loyalty cards can really generate returning customers, as they will see that they will actually ‘get something back’ for visiting your shop/business/organisation. Customers are also more likely to come back if they think that you are interested in their custom and are prepared to make an effort for it.

This may be in the form of your loyalty cards. Because card can get ‘fluffy’ corners after a few days of wear and tear, and the ink can become worn and faded, having them printed on plastic cards will stop that happening, and make them look professional and newer for much longer.

Plastic cards can be more visually stunning, as the colours printed can be more vibrant and striking. Patterns are able to be more complicated, too, as well as being able to have barcodes, microchips and magnetic stripes included for electronic data storage.

Doing this will mean your employees no longer end up with ink all over their hands from the stamp not working properly, and people will be less likely to discard them as they do not seem to be ‘disposable’ in the same way as paper and card ones can.

Having plastic loyalty cards, you can even have the customer’s name printed onto it, to let them feel more appreciated by the company.

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