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February 27, 2009

Help for employers to detect dishonest employees

Filed under: Advice — 12:19 pm

ID smartcards which restrict access to certain networked computer systems within an organisation can go a long way to assuring security.

ID cards controlling access to sensitive areas within buildings take security a step further but don’t offer any protection against employing the wrong individuals in the first place.

Businesses suffer enormous losses due to theft of both physical and electronic information and risk both prosecution and law suits from employees if they fail to meet their obligations.

There is however help on hand for employers wishing to check the employment history of potential employees in the form of a National Staff Dismissal Register.

The database allows companies to share details of employees accused of dishonesty at work and lets firms log details of staff caught stealing, committing fraud or damaging company property. Other companies can then use the database to check job applicants’ history.

Whilst not overly popular with trade unions or civil liberties groups, the database is not a “blacklist” and not everybody who has been dismissed will go on the database.

It is not there to record minor offences, more for reporting those people that have shown systemic planning and conspiracy.

The database complies with data protection laws and it is said that 99% of people logged would have their details removed after three years.

The database complies with data protection laws and holds details of people not prosecuted or found guilty in court of the allegations made against them. Information will be retained for a period of three to five years - except in exceptional circumstances.

The information is encrypted and password protected.

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