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January 17, 2011

Loyalty Cards: Why businesses need it

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Loyalty cards are of immense importance for every kind of business, be it big or small. Loyalty cards help businesses reap good rewards. A Loyalty Cards is similar to a credit card or debit card. It features the logo and information of the business in an attractive manner.

Some of the advantages offered by loyalty cards are as follows:

Advertisement: as soon as a person uses a loyalty card, it gets advertised to people standing close to him. This indirect advertisement helps company promote its name in the eye of other customers as well.

Gain customer loyalty: If you are one of those who are retailer, you can still benefit from a loyalty card. As a retail store owner, you can use loyalty cards to offer attractive discounts to your customers on a certain amount of purchase and thereby gain their loyalty. Customers love to get discounts and offers and they form a bond with your company and thus remain loyal to you.

Customer reward: In the current times, you will find that these days a large number of restaurants and coffee shops are making use of loyalty cards for rewarding their customers. For example, if you are a bakery owner and you initiate a scheme that if your customers buy 5 pastries, they get the 6th one free. Such rewards create loyal customers for your brand.

Not only do bakeries benefit from loyalty cards, Loyalty Cards are also used in restaurants, retail outlets, coffee shops, department stores and grocery stores. The reason for this is simple. Each and every one of us wish to spend their hard earned money where they know they get the maximum benefit. Loyalty cards drive return traffic to your business.

If you are one of those who wish to print loyalty cards in-house, there are a host of companies for your help. One of the most renowned names is Digitalid. For more information, visit the company’s site

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