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September 20, 2010

Magicard Printer –Helps you print ID cards in-house

Filed under: News — 8:59 am

If you are looking for a plastic card printer for printing ID cards for your employees, you would be excited to know that there is a host of printer options available for you. The easy to use and compact ID card printers would enable you to print your ID cards in-house in a timely and cost effective manner. One of the most secure printers that you may go for is the Magicard printer. The Magicard printer is an excellent option for printing high image ID cards.

The Magicard printer helps you print information like photo, card holder name, logo, signature, bar code, etc in the ID cards. Such ID cards thus help in ensuring that a card holder is identified correctly and is allowed to access a secure entry point into the facility.

Magicard printer differs from other card printers because it provided the patented HoloKote option for card printing. The Holokote feature is a frosted image that is embedded into a clear overlay in the print ribbon as soon as the printed card as it is released from the printer.

The watermark pattern on the overlay is controlled by the printer driver. This offers security as well as an extra layer of protection for the card printing. Also, the Magicard printers have capabilities to embed critical custom information into magnetic stripe encoding, contact smart cards, contactless smart cards and proximity card encoding

The Magicard Company offers a manufacturer warranty called the UltraCover Plus. The warranty is the promise from company that their printers will provide the printing promised. The company provides unlimited warranty for three years as well as other benefits.

Along with your Magicard printer, you could also go for Magicard printing ribbons as well to enhance the performance of your printer. One company that offers Magicard printers and printing ribbons along with other variety of printers like Evolis printers, Datacard printers and others is Digitalid. For more information, log on to

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