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April 11, 2010

Key fobs are the way forward for membership cards and loyalty cards

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 5:16 pm

These days, our purses and wallets are full to bursting with business cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. There’s a discount card for every shop on the high street, and it can be difficult to find one, short of tipping them all out on the desk and rummaging through until you’ve located it.

This is one of the reasons that some shops and businesses are using key fobs. They have exactly the same function as a normal membership card, but are much smaller.

Key fobs are usually about 3 x 2 cm, but can come in many different sizes and shapes. The Nectar card key fob, for instance is about 2.5 cm squared, but with one edge rounded like an arc.

The main thing that all key fobs have in common is a hole punched through it. This will be close to an edge and enables the owner to thread the fob onto their keys. That way, they will not become lost in amongst the sea of other loyalty cards.

It can also be useful if someone has driven to your business and tried to bring as little as possible. That way, even if all they have is a ten pound note and their car keys, they will still have their membership cards with them.

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