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April 1, 2010

How can membership cards improve your business?

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 2:22 pm

Most businesses that have membership cards are places like hotels, gyms, fitness suites, leisure centres, restaurants, clubs and places like film rental stores.

These businesses will benefit from using membership cards, and yours can to. Here’s how:

Less paperwork
If everything is stored on a computer, members can scan or swipe their card when they arrive or leave, and their details are automatically found. No need for pages and pages for each customer. All of their information can be in one place.

Less waiting around
You can make life easier for your welcome or reception staff, as signing in can be automatic, without the need for so many questions and identity checks

Fraud prevention

If members are only permitted with their membership card, you will not have people pretending to be members, and you could have photographic ID on the card to further prevent misuse.

Colour coding

They could be colour coded depending on which package they’re on or which month their membership is due for renewal. You could have a different colour for premium memberships and a different colour again for comprehensive packages.

Some plastic cards can have security codes on, or encrypted information. This will prevent others using the information on the card, and will let you know if anyone has made a copy or attempted to use it fraudulently.

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