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March 17, 2010

How you can personalise membership cards

Filed under: Loyalty Cards — 11:36 am

Membership cards can be really useful to clients and businesses or organisations. They can give piece of mind to both customer and business by allowing the ‘singing in’ process to be quick and hassle-free.

Membership cards can also be personalised in a number of ways, to make them more efficient or user friendly.

Photo – having a photo of the member on the back can make quick identification easy, without the need for extra security questions.

Barcode – having a barcode can mean it is easy to scan in as your member arrives, which will automatically ‘register’ them, and provide details of their membership on the reception/other computer.

Colour coded
– with custom printing, you could have the background colour, or a coloured stripe on the front of the card, changing depending on which month their membership is up for renewal. This means you can monitor which months people are more likely to join, as well as provide customers with relevant information near to their renewal date.

Key fob
– you could even provide a key fob with each membership card, so members can easily find their card, as it will be attached to their keys. They have a hole punched in, for easy attachments to key rings.

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