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February 28, 2009

Good Customer Service Increases Sales

Filed under: Advice, Loyalty Cards — 5:28 pm

Customer service is an important part of operating any business, online or offline.

How you treat your customers could be the difference between whether or not that customer decides to return to your business in the future.

It is common knowledge that repeat customers are the bread and butter for most businesses. Don’t bother looking at your own business for proof. Look to yourself.

How well do you feel when you walk into a supplier’s business premises (or you even just talk to them over the phone). What do you like about them? Why do you continue to do business with them?

Cost will be one aspect, but you can also be pretty sure that somewhere near the top of your list will be the friendliness of the people you are dealing with and the trust you have for them. You may even be on first name terms with them.

Your own customers are no different and if you ask your own sales people similar questions, they will offer similar answers. What better way to prove the value of good customer service to your people?

Next you need to remember that your sales people are also your customers. You need to ensure you provide them with the tools to help them sell and a service that will keep them motivated.

Effective stock control and loyalty card schemes supported by effective, market research and targeted marketing will meet those requirements nicely to keep your customers coming back and money flowing through the tills.

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